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    Many of us have fond memories of this show from our childhoods.
    Now thanks to it's release on DVD we can relive the nostalgia of this great show once again.

    Who could forget Letterman, Fargo North, Easy Reader, The Blue Beetle, the Director (Hey You Guys….) and J. Arthur Crank, as well as sketches like A Very Short Book, Giggles - Goggles, the Road Runner and Spidey Super Stories?

    Until the DVD set came out, I personally hadn't seen an episode of this show since it stopped airing on PBS many years ago.

    I was a bit surprised to learn that this show was created to teach reading, because I didn't recall that aspect of it from watching it in my childhood. Of course I did recall all the great characters, skits, animation and songs.

    Currently summaries for all the episodes in the DVD set have submitted. Episode summaries for other episodes, and recaps for any episodes would be greatly appreciated.

    I have identified the sketches by name (or the name of the character) when possible, in cases where just a word is listed, is most likely a Scanimate sequence (a primitive computer animation, in which the words moved or dissolved) which generally were only 5 to 10 seconds in length.

    If whoever submitted the excellent summary for the show (and several of the episodes) could identify themselves (though this forum or a PM), I would be grateful, and would greatly appreciate any more submissions you would like to make.
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    Hello! I was on the original Electric Co. TV show. I was about 10 yrs old. It was around 1971. Two other kids & I did a sketch w/ Bill Cosby. He stood in front of a board that had magnetic letters: 'T' 'O' 'P'. Then, off camera, a guy behind the board kept moving the letters around: TOP...POT...TOP...POT...That was the joke: We kids would yell out to Bill, "Nooo! It doesn't say 'Top', it says 'Pot'!" And visa versa. I've been looking for the footage from that show for years. Do you know where I might find it? I've already searched youtube. Thank you so much! - Julie
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