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  • Very popular TV Show on PBS

    The Electric Company ended on PBS back on 4/15/1977. Reruns of that TV show was season 5 (which is episode 1A-130A) & season 6 (which is episode 1B-130B) ran from 1977 to 1985, because the last two seasons were used for a year long curriculum for schools until October 4, 1985, and was "most familiar to younger viewers" on PBS.
  • A perfect mixture of Educational TV blended with fun, fun, imagination.....animation and really really really hot babes............June (Julie) Angela...... Bayn (Kelly) Johnson.... oh yeahhhhhhhh

    Imagination ...beyond belief....non-stop fun and action to keep even the ones with the shortest attention spans glued to the screen for the entire half hour, provided reading skills, in a truly fun and original way of mixing phonics with entertainment, Incredible cast as well, Morgan Freeman, June Angela, Bayn Johnson, Irene Cara and the list goes on and on with the vocal talents of Mel Brooks, Zero Mostel and Gene Wilder the short circus was one of my favorite parts but that was partially because I had a crush on both June Angela and Bayn Johnson and was so glad that June was on the show all the way from start to finish
  • The adventures of Letterman!!!! and>.....TION,(shun,shun,shun,shun)TION,(shun,shun,shun,shun)lol.My younger brother and I sing this all the time.It makes those of us that remember smile.Weekday afternoons after school was an escape and entertaining for us

    When we were kids and this show started was at the perfect time for us as we had just outgrown sesame street.We looked foward to getting home from school to watch.It's amazing to me now that every time I see Morgan Freeman now alot of people don't remember him on the show.I have to admit I had a crush on the brunette girl on the short circus but it's been so long now I don't remember her name.I wish we could see re-runs on tvland or something.I think my 10 yo daughter would get a kick out of it,she likes the shows that I grew up with.Is there anybody out there in a position of power to put this back on the air and a modern version would be cool as well.
  • I SO loved Electra Woman and Dyna Girl!!

    I know I was only really little, but, I'm pretty sure that was where I saw things like Mr. Magoo and stuff.........and I seem to recall Grape Ape and Underdog being on that show too.
    Oh, yeah, and I remember another favorite that I know was on that show... it was some cartoon guy who could fly. He was like this crime fighter or good deed doer, but I thought he was right up there with Electra...........anyone remember that guys name?
    I wonder if I saw it today if I would still think that or not...????

    Yup, I sure loved that show even tho I can't be sure about much of it, lol. :)
  • Hey, you GUYS!!!

    I personally never saw this show before because I wasn't born back then. But I do have heard from other people that only the last two seasons still aired back in the 80s, because of the number of episodes going higher and higher. And the only way I can now see them is on DVD, which is pretty expensive. But there is good news -- the show will come back later in 2008, although I don't know what it will look like. This show was produced by the makers of Sesame Street, and it was made for elementary age children, as far as I know.
  • Hey, you guys!!! Who could forget this opening?!

    With stars such as Joan Rivers, Bill Cosby, Rita Moreno, Mel Brooks, Morgan Freeman, Mel Blanc, Zero Mostel & Gene Wilder, this show was jam-packed with superb talent! The whole purpose of the show was to help kids learn more about words & encourage them to read. I loved this show as a kid! My friends & I would get together just to watch TEC! Well-deserving of the many awards & accolades it garnered, this show helped a lot of kids; funny, entertaining, & informative, I wish this show were in syndication so kids today could enjoy it as well.
  • Toddlers have "Sesame Street"; younger teens had "Electric Company".

    Shows that entertain as well as educate are more successful than those that just spout the facts at you (just think of any of the teachers you've had. The ones that gave demonstrations or were, themselves, demonstrative, made you want to go to class; the ones that droned on and on and on about the numbing facts of the matter made you - - Zzzzzzzzzzzz!). ; )

    In a word-association skit, a character's relative passed away (handled so non-chalantly, that nobody was upset about it), and he was given a singing telegram that read, "Your rich uncle died, and left you all his M-". With only the letter "m" to go by, viewers tried to guess along with the characters as to what it could mean. One of the guesses, "Marshmallows", left me and my two siblings rolling on the floor, convulsed with laughter! When our parents came in to see what was going on, they also went into hysterics!

    My favorite part was "Love of Chair", which was a spoof of soap operas. At the end, the camera would pan between the actors, asking things like (I'm making this up), "Will we find out who dropped the final 'e' from the words?", and then the actors would look at the camera and "freeze" with their faces in an expression of curiosity! Or, sometimes, it would end with an empty room, and the furniture or a prop would move, as if "alive", as had the actors! The narrator would then say, "And, what about . . . Naomi?", a character who wasn't otherwise even mentioned during any of the skits! (she was one of the show's producers) Campy, but educational! Who could ask for anything more?

    I got a "charge" out of "The Electric Company" (pun definitely intended!), and am grateful that they waited for me to grow out of it before its plug was pulled. :,(

    (I may be wrong, but I thought there was a recent, new, show on PBS called "The Electric Company", which may or may not have used elements from the original 1970's show. I can't find anything about it on the 'net, but I'm *positive* I saw it!)
  • Hey You Guys!

    When I was a teen, I watch"The Electric Comapny" every chance I get. it was the coolest show I ever saw at it's time. It teach me how to read, but it made me rock with the Short Circus. It was a cool show. A very cool show. It was "The Electric Company" that made me watch PBS more.I watch the show for many years, when it went off the air, it was a sad day for me. But I wrote the show a fan letter and it got me a replay and a picture of the cast members. Now that's Cool!
  • One of the best educational shows there was. They really should bring it back !!!!

    One of the Best educational shows ever made. I can\'t believe they kept Sesame Street, but let The Electric Company go...It makes no sense. Sesame Street was for the young kids, teaching you about numbers & letters, The Electric Company taught you how to use them...& you can\'t tell me kids now-a-days speak better now, than we did then. They need to bring it back! Teach these kids phonetics! Perhaps less people will ax a question, and maybe more people will know how to pronounce skinned that it is not skin-did...Help these kids learn to speak! This great show is needed!
  • Electric Company

    I lOVE this electric company because the Sesame Street gang came over
    and i love this program i will buy this on dvd. And the Electric Company will be the best
    show. I love all the cast of the Electric Company including Bill Cosby because he is the funny person. I
    know how to read because the words are easy not hard. And some outtakes of the show will be the funniest.
    keep the nice work and i hope the electric company will be the best and i hope Sesame Street and the Electric Company will be the
    best in the whole world.
  • Loved this show but couldn\'t remember why so that\'s how I got here.

    I was looking up The Electric Co. on the Net because I remember it as one of my favorite shows. Now I know why I have said, \"Hey, you guys\" my whole life!!!LOL I had no idea, brings back many memories. I ordered the DVD. Hope it floods memories into my mind. Have remembed Morgan Freeman all along. Didn\'t remember anyone else. Only other show that I loved more was G-Force, Battle of the Planets. Received those cartoons too. I love them and so does my children. I believe that I also received the magazine, but not positive on that. Love the show, and I still love Morgan Freeman.
  • "The Electric Company" ran on PBS from 1971 to 1977 to teach reading and grammar skills to children primarily between ages 7 and 10. It also included skits, songs and animation to provide entertainment. Morgan Freeman and Bill Cosby were among the cast.

    the electric company was one of my favorites as a child growing in the 70s. it was one of the most informative and educational kid shows of all time. i even liked it better than sesame street. spider-man was one of my favorites. that's pretty much the reason i kept watching it. many of the characters, like easy reader, fargo north, j. arthur crank and jennifer of the jungle were really cool as well. there were many great sonds as well, such as "silent e", "the ly song", "right on" and the street sign song. letterman and the road runner were two of the best animations. there will probably never be another kid show as great as tec.
  • Loved the show as a kid!

    Growing up in Miami, I loved this show as a kid and now it is on Noggin, which I don't get at all!
    Maybe Noggin will come to where I live now in East TN and I will get to watch it as I loved the show!
    Loved the catchy theme music where it yells "Hey you guys!!"
  • A good childrens program similar to Seasame Street.

    A good childrens program similar to Seasame Street. This was another great program that would teach kids valubale lessons. they would also help with simple things such as counting, the alphabet, spelling and other helpful learning experiences. Morgan Freeman was on this show before he was a star. Many other very talented actors were on this show also including Zero Mostel, June Angela, Mel Blanc, Irene Cara, Mel Brooks, Hattie Winston, Danny Seagren, Joan Rivers, Judy Graubart, Gregg Burge, Stephen Gustafson, Janina Mathews, Rejane Magloie, Rodney Lewis, Jimmy Boyd, Melanie Henderson, Bayn Johnson, Todd Graff, Lee Chamberlin,
    Luis Avalos, Denise Nickerson, Gene Wilder, Skip Hinnant,
    Bill Cosby, Rita Moreno, Ken Roberts and Douglas Grant.

    I grew up with this show for a long time & glad they had it on cable as well on DVD.

    Who could forget the classic cartoons; It's The Plumber, I've Come To Fix The Sink/True Blue Sue/Sweet Roll/Harry, You Forgot Your Lunch/You Drive Me Up The Wall/Charlie's Cha-Cha Chimpanzee.

    What's the show without The Adventures of Letterman, that featured Joan Rivers, Zero Mostel & Gene Wilder.

    My favorite song would have to go to Luis Avalos singing "Noodles"!

    But my favorite character on the show is Otto, the director, played by Rita Moreno! Every time the actor/actress would flub the line, she would have to call on Marcello (Morgan Freeman) for the cue cards. Then she would swat the card so hard that Marcello would drop it!

    This was PBS's masterpiece of children's shows.
  • Absolutely wonderful!

    The Electric Company is definitely a classic.

    It kind of had the "rock n roll" edge that many of the children's educational series of the time lacked. It was entertaining, funny, influential and I definitely learned something from it all the years I grew up watching it.

    It is actually one of the few television shows that we were even allowed to watch at school ... when you're in the 3rd grade, that is a very cool thing to do. lol

    I am very happy to hear that they are releasing dvd set of the Electric Company in the not so distant future, it is one of only a handful of PBS shows that I still enjoy even as an adult.
  • Why must everything good be taken away

    I loved this show growing up. I use to love the repeats and use to watch it religiously. I just wish they never got rid of it. They changed alot of shows and many formats I remember as a kid. And adjusting was hard, but you always rolled with the punches. I just wish they kept the good shows on

    I first saw The Electric Company during the reruns of the last two seasons and it was one of the staples of educational shows along with Sesame Street. I must say that the last two seasons of the show were my favorites because of this! It’s a great winning combination of music, stars, and comical skits to teach youngsters like me how to develop reading skills. I was in kindergarten when this was on the air in 1981 and it stuck with me ever since with its theme song and fun characters like Otto the movie director, J. Arthur Crank, Easy Reader, and others! They sure don’t produce classics like these anymore!
  • the electric company is a classic show. it reminds me of full house.i do remember the clip when i saw the knock knock number.when the man was doing the doing it. the two children used a chain to chain him up .that was on the episode b-4.

    i remember spiderman about the episode called the sack.the sack was throwing fruit at the people.i remember letterman.i also remember silent e animation.i also thoughtthat the little girl that was played rita morena. i also remember the part when the mouse was jumping from a spong \"springing from a spong\" singing
  • Bring this show back!!!

    I loved this show when I was a kid even though there were some scary moments for me (I was 5) like when the Short Circus sang "The Blob". I hated it when Noggin moved the show into the wee hours of the weekend and then cancelled it in favor of new stuff! It did not deserve that!
  • PBS kids really should open up a network for classic shows.

    When I watched the show, I remember that it is almost identical to Between The Lions. It is very old, but was getting better, and was seen on The Noggin Channel, a network created for Canada shows, Nick Shows, and PBS Kids shows. I really liked it, and was starting to tape it. It used to air on Cable In The Classroom, but I don't know if it's on anymore. If anybody knows where is now, I'm sure that people would like to know about that, but I think that many people don't even know about The Electric Company show at all.
  • Amazing, creating, phonemic awareness

    I was born in 1982, so I missed the original onset. However, my mother realized the value of these shows and filled many, many tapes with them. She replayed them for me, and then my younger siblings, and years later she was asked to make copies for various family members. We were all early readers and able writers, and I give much of the credit to this show.

    Of course, Sesame Street is a timeless show, too; I once did a voiceover for a claymation segment for it. But now as a teacher, I\'m convinced it was the phonemic awareness cleverly and humorously put forth by the Electric Company that contributed to me and my siblings reading and articulating so well. \"Springing on a Sponge,\" \"Loud Lullaby,\" and so many others were examples of the phenomenal, deliberate integrations of music, words, and characters that comprised this show.

    I am excited that they might be out on DVD by the time I have kids, and that there might even be a new wave of Electric Company coming.
  • This show came out before I was even born

    Like the older episodes of Sesame Street, I was able to catch this show on Noggin, late night on weekends. I dont know why I tuned in, it just looked very interesting and very 1970's-ish. Some of the jokes were good too. I wish Noggin could play them again. I wish PBS could of played them when I was growing up.