The Electric Company 1970s

PBS (ended 1977)





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  • The adventures of Letterman!!!! and>.....TION,(shun,shun,shun,shun)TION,(shun,shun,shun,shun)lol.My younger brother and I sing this all the time.It makes those of us that remember smile.Weekday afternoons after school was an escape and entertaining for us

    When we were kids and this show started was at the perfect time for us as we had just outgrown sesame street.We looked foward to getting home from school to watch.It's amazing to me now that every time I see Morgan Freeman now alot of people don't remember him on the show.I have to admit I had a crush on the brunette girl on the short circus but it's been so long now I don't remember her name.I wish we could see re-runs on tvland or something.I think my 10 yo daughter would get a kick out of it,she likes the shows that I grew up with.Is there anybody out there in a position of power to put this back on the air and a modern version would be cool as well.