The Electric Company 1970s

Season 6 Episode 123

Show 123B - Deck

Aired Unknown Apr 06, 1977 on PBS

Episode Recap

Today on The Electric Company, the baseball player says: deck

Mouse introduces 'D' (Donald), reads letter Silhouettes: 'ad' Short Circus dance Man asks woman to dance Man orders sandwich, wants them to 'deliver' Short Circus watches "Adventures of Dick Daring" batter on "deck" Cartoon: "Duck!" Men with newspapers spell duck, deck, peck, pack, snack Dracula: "Peck on the Neck" (song sketch) Ducks say "Qua-ck!" Crank has to say Quack Samantha (of Short Circus) tickles the word 'tickle' Letterman: In A Pickle Crank introduces n't Cartoon: "I can't swim" N'T (the Tom Lehrer song) Sylvia talks about silent E Skit: interrogation of silent E Sign song #2 (I Like Fish Food) Tune in next time when the interviewer says: (or).

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