The Electric Company 1970s

Season 6 Episode 131

Show 130B - Coach

Aired Unknown Apr 15, 1977 on PBS
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Episode Summary

Show 130B - Coach
The two sounds of ie as in tried and field, the sound of ch, and words ending in -all are featured.

Two of the sounds of ‘ie’ Soft-Shoe Silhouette (this time NOT in Silhouette) Piece of your Pie (animation) Pie Buy a Tie (salesman skit) Thief /Chief (animation) Dr. Frankenstein – Fiend that Lies Secret Message - Spies tell Lies

the sounds of ‘ch’ Two Cosbys- ch Choo Cha Cha (animation) Cinderella – coach Clayton – Explains ch charge (animation) Itch Magic Message – Give a witch an itch Five seconds – couch

all Monolith all Three Musketeers - all (song) ball You drive me up the wall! (animation) all – skit with Short Circus members ball – (animation) fall Spidey Super Stories – Up Against the Wall all (finale song)moreless

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    Rita Moreno

    Rita Moreno

    Carmela; Otto the Director; Pandora the Little Girl; Millie the Helper

    Joan Rivers

    Joan Rivers

    Narrator of 'The Adventures of Letterman' (1972-77)

    Hattie Winston

    Hattie Winston

    Sylvia; Valerie the Librarian (1973-1977)

    Mel Brooks

    Mel Brooks

    Blond-Haired Cartoon Man

    Luis Avalos

    Luis Avalos

    Roberto; Dr. Doolats; Igor; Pedro (1972-1977)

    Mel Blanc

    Mel Blanc

    Voices (1973-1977)

    Mel Allen

    Mel Allen

    Baseball Announcer [animated short]

    Guest Star

    Will Vinton

    Will Vinton

    Clayton [Claymation character]

    Guest Star

    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (2)

      • Featured songs "I Would Die For A Piece Of Your Pie" (animated), "All For One And One For All" (Skip, Jim and Luis), "That's All" (entire cast).

      • Recycled from Show 128:

        ANIMATION: Charlie tried to teach his Chimpanzee to cha cha cha

        THE TWO COSBYS: Split-screen image of Bill Cosby dueling himself in getting words that start with ch.

        Final two segments of the program:

        * Spiderman -- "Spidey Up Against the Wall" (from the 1974-1975 season). * Closing segment: That's All, as it aired on the final original TEC from the spring of 1977. The cast (sans Rita Moreno) sings "That's All, which implies to viewers this episode is not just the season-ender, but the series finale.

    • QUOTES (1)

      • Lyrics to That's All, song used to end this program and the series:
        We're glad you came to call
        We really had a ball
        The show is done
        We hate to run
        We're sorry, but that's all
        -- instrumental break --
        We're glad you came to call
        We really had a ball
        The show is done
        We hate to run
        We're sorry
        But that's all.


    • NOTES (4)

      • This episode's Spidey segment is "Spidey Up Against the Wall".

      • A reminder of the suggestive nature of the song That's All: Sesame Workshop (as it is called today) would suggest a similar situation by the title "A Storybook Ending," which was scrpited as the last cartoon in Dragon Tales's third series.

      • The final episode also served as the "last episode" included in the Noggin rerun package. It was also the only Season 6 show included in the Noggin rerun package to include the Friday credits (which featured clips from classic TEC skits from 1973-1976).

      • In the final scene, the cast sings That's All not just the coda skit for the "-all" cluster, but a song that implies this is the series' finale. Interestingly enough, Rita Moreno, who was a cast member for the entire series run, is does not appear in this scene.

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