The Electric Company 1970s

Season 6 Episode 37

Show 37B - Happy

Aired Unknown Dec 07, 1976 on PBS

Episode Recap

J. Arthur Crank talks about words that end with Y

Pandora is hungry and is warned by her father about eating cookies before bedtime.

Doctor's Office skit where a nurse and patients have a riot and act silly with the word FUNNY.

Spider-Man skit: Spidey Meets Silly Willy, a clown who makes people laugh by acting silly and robbing them blind.

Otto the Director deals with three actors playing dwarfs in "Snow White and the Three Dwarfs." The dwarf playing HAPPY say Henry, Harry, and finally Harvey to which Otto leaves in disgust!

Crank and Sylvia discuss about the UN prefix.

Samantha and the Blue Beetle have a talk about things that are true. UNtrue. They are joined by Spidey who challenges the Blue Beetle to a contest by bending a rod-


The Werewolf is in s skit involving the word IS

Hattie Winston sings the song, "Is Is Is" and features appearnaces by Kathy, Jeniffer of the Jungle, J.J., Paul the Gorilla and Spider-Man. This is from Season 4.

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