The Electric Company 1970s

Season 6 Episode 4

Show 4B

Aired Unknown Oct 21, 1976 on PBS

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  • i remember these 4 seserate clip on that episode when skip hinnant was in the chair with a newspaper.however they were doing knock the end a creapture show up and when he did everyone ran and he said "do i get a creapture who".

    i have alot of memerys of b-4 the episode was called elevator. j.arther crank was talking on that clip.later on on that episode ,skip hinnant who played fargo north decodia in which he wasn't doing at that time was siting in that chair was reading a newspaper somone was always saing knock knock .he would say who's there somone would come in .at the end a green creapture comes in and everyone leaves encluding skip hinnant.on the third clip they did the same thing. two children came in with a chain and chain the man up in his chair and when he did he started to break down.the creapture came in everyone ran ,but that he was chained in . the creapture said "when you say creapture who i will unchain you. he went cre cre cre cre .