The Electric Company

Season 1 Episode 26

A Whole New Francine

Aired Friday 4:30 PM Sep 29, 2009 on PBS

Episode Recap

Francine is watching herself snoring on a video laptop made by another student. Francine admits to Keith she's been a mean person and wants to change. She changes her image and volunteers to help set up a big show for the school. At the diner, Francine promises to be a nicer person, but The Electric Company aren't convinced. She says she'll prove it but it turns out she's plotting to join The Electric Company and get her special skill. And, she has Manny to back her. While setting up for the show, The Electric Company keep an eye on Francine to make sure she keeps her word. But they don't know that Manny is secretly putting a word zapper to ruin their act. As the show begins, The Electric Company form a word pyramid by putting three words. But Manny uses his word zapper to delete them all. Francine comes out from backstage to finger Manny causing them to bicker. The Electric Company become skeptical and askd Francine if she can join them within two years. Francine is shocked and Manny tells her she couldn't fool The Electric Company. Francine has become dishonest and the teacher sends her to sit with the audience. The Electric Company resume and finish the show without incident. Back at the diner, Francine wants The Electric Company to tell the teacher that she'll apologize, but The Electric Company tells her to have more heart. Francine's speechless.