The Electric Company

Season 2 Episode 9


Aired Friday 4:30 PM Apr 16, 2010 on PBS

Episode Recap

Sigmund Scrambler is planning to leave town for a few days, but admits to his niece Annie that he has a crush on his childhood friend, Natalie, who's the author on a book about gorillas. Sigmund tries to talk to Natalie but gets flustered in the process. Annie has The Electric Company help him about his feelings for Natalie. They catch Natalie in the park observing Paul the Gorilla. Sigmund tries conversing but he gets flustered again. Later, Sigmund gets another chance with the help of Lisa throwing wordballs to help him with his lines, but Sigmund gets flustered again. Then at Natalie's book signing, Lisa notices a scrambled message on the cover of Natalie's book. She uses the first letters of gorilla names and Annie unscrambles it to reveal 'I Love Sigmund'. Sigmund quickly goes to Natalie and admits his feelings for her and that he knows about the secret message on the cover. Natalie gets flustered but plans on staying in town. Later back at the diner, Sigmund and Natalie share a soda while Paul observes them across the street.

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