The Electric Company

Season 2 Episode 10


Aired Friday 4:30 PM Apr 23, 2010 on PBS

Episode Recap

A Skeleckian reporter doing a show 'Real or Fake' interviews Hector about a mysterious creature, Bluefoot. Hector believes it's fake because he's seen a picture from a magazine of a ranger wearing a blue costume. Then, Francine and Manny interrupt them saying they've spotted Bluefoot. Hector and his friends think they are doing it for attention. But, Manny has evidence which includes a footprint and blue fur. Hector uses a microscope to show that the fur is actually hair colored blue. Manny claims that he's an expert and wants everyone to show up at the library tonight because that's where Bluefoot will be. And so later at night, everybody's waiting on Bluefoot but Hector is skeptical about it. Manny tells everyone to start humming to lure Bluefoot but nothing happens. Then all of a sudden Bluefoot appears but Hector unmasks it to reveal Francine. At least Hector was right, but Lisa smells marshmallows. Everyone spotd Bluefoot dashing in the library. The next day Hector was wondering why was Bluefoot in the neighborhood? So he, Lisa, Francine and Manny head back to the library to see a man named George Vlyer selling Bluefoot supplies while Paul the Gorilla is helping him. Hector recognizes him as the guy who spotted Bluefoot. George tries to deny it but they discover evidence, a can of marshmallow spray and a blue costume. George has been exposed as a fake Bluefoot. Francine and Manny had been fooled because they were gullible. Later, a survey revealed that everyone believed Bluefoot is fake. Then The Electric Company spot another sighting but it's a false alarm.

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