The Electric Company

Season 1 Episode 3

Call Me Tiki

Aired Friday 4:30 PM Jan 19, 2009 on PBS

Episode Recap

Jessica volunteers to baby-sit Tiki Barber's Pet Parrot with dreams having her own pet- sitting service. As soon as Tiki leaves, a mating call causes his bird to fly the coop. At the Electric Diner, Jessica and the crew look for clues. She replays the incident and notices a familiar laugh which happens to be Manny Spamboni. Hector calls him and asks him where's the bird. Manny tells them to meet him at the park in 15 minutes. When they got there,he's nowhere in sight but left a radio that says 'PLAY ME'. Hector plays it in which Manny's says that he and the bird flew the coop. The Electric Company will use the radio as evidence for Tiki that Manny stole his bird. But Manny leaves a message in which the radio will explode in 10 seconds. It does. Manny in hiding watches the gang leave and tell his Robot friend that his play is working perfectly. His plot to ruin Jessica's reputation to take over the pet-sitting business and be BFF to Tiki Barber leaves his robot pal singled out. Hector and Lisa go to this store where they sell bird seed and ask the worker if Manny was here while Keith finds Manny at his mother's house. Back at Tiki's house, Jessica confesses to him that his parrot flew while Manny watches outside. As soon as a panicked Tiki goes out to find his bird, Manny shows up with it claiming he found it and blames Jessica for being irresponsible. She realizes it's a set-up and says she being judged without a trial, which makes Tiki bring up an idea to set up a trial. Later at the diner, a faux trial is set up to figure out if Manny or Jessica is to blame for losing the parrot. Tiki believes that Jessica has no proof. His parrot repeats the line 'Clean Up That Seed', then Jessica has an idea. After sending Keith for a favor, she makes a statement in rap form. Then Keith returns with Manny's mother yelling at his son reminding him to clean up that seed, which is how the bird picked up the phrase. Jessica is cleared of all charges. She regains her reputation by getting five clients in one day including Brett Farve.