The Electric Company

Season 1 Episode 19

Electric Accompany

Aired Friday 4:30 PM Sep 09, 2009 on PBS

Episode Recap

Annie Scrambler gives out flyers for her uncle's grand opening of his hypnotism tent. Keith who's composing a song for his father's birthday has a conversation with her. Annie sees what Keith is doing and asks him if he can compose a song for her uncle. Keith refuses because he can't trust a prankster like her. As soon as he gets a call from Jessica, Annie hypnotizes him with the watch. Keith calls off the rehearsal and composes a song for Annie. Jessica has a feeling something's not right and tells Hector and Lisa at the diner that Keith isn't himself. They find an answer when Paul has a flyer from Sigmund Scambler. Hector and Lisa see Keith and Annie performing an annoying jingle outside Sigmund's tent. Hector and Lisa confront Annie but she has them under her spell too. Now everyone's repeating the annoying song. The head of the block association tells Sigmund that he will take action if he doesn't move his business elsewhere as it's disturbing the residents. Sigmund goes after Annie telling her she isn't ready to be a hypnotist. Then he hypnotizes The Electric Company if they remember anything before changing the words. Hector snaps out of it and tells Sigmund that he was calling his sister before he was under Annie spell. Shortly, Jessica is there to assist. Everyone snaps out of it after hearing the sound of the car horn. They perform 'the last note' and the spell's over. With little time, Keith and the rest of The Electric Company rehearse and perform a song just in time for his dad's birthday. The next day The Electric Company hear Sigmund's advertisement on the radio, and Keith admitts he composed the song for Annie and him out of harmony.