The Electric Company

Season 1 Episode 21


Aired Friday 4:30 PM Sep 14, 2009 on PBS

Episode Recap

Lisa is working on a science project for school tomorrow. Francine also has a flower to work on for her science project. They both use the lab room to work on their projects. When Lisa steps out, Francine witnesses a dead bug on her plant and accidently breaks her project. Then, out of desperation she steals Lisa's project. When Lisa comes back, her plant is gone. Lisa decides to take this case personally without the gang's help. Back at the lab, Lisa catches Francine using her flower to create her own fragrance, Francent. Later, The Electric Company watch Francine's ad on Lisa's iPhone. Then, they see Shock and the customers run out of the diner because of a stinky odor. It turns out to be Francine. Lisa will fail if she doesen't work on another plant in time, but she has an idea. She'll make a new formula to make the smell go away. Later, Lisa and Francine return to the lab to work on a new project or they both fail. They test the leaf, stem and root formulas. It turns out that the root makes the stink go away. The next day, Francine tells Lisa that she'll use her formula as hers. In a last ditch effort from failing, Lisa tricks Francine into switching the two formulas. When class begins, Francine sprays her formula and begins to stink again. Lisa sprays another formula which is called 'anti-stink' on Francine to make the smell go away. Later at the diner, the gang celebrate Lisa getting an 'A' on her project when they smell a bad odor again. It turns out Keith ordered a stinky cheese omlette.