The Electric Company

Season 1 Episode 25

Friends and Aunts

Aired Friday 4:30 PM Sep 28, 2009 on PBS

Episode Recap

Lisa and Annie each receive a letter that they're both selected as contestants on a cheesy game show 'Friends or Aunts'. Lisa selects Hector as her partner while Annie selects her Aunt Sandy, who is a hypnotist. At the diner, Hector and Lisa will win the game easy because of their knowledge. Annie and Aunt Sandy come in to wish them luck. Sandy attempts to hypnotize them with the watch. Hector and Lisa use their hand mirrors showing her reflection to have her hypnotized. However, Annie comes up with a Plan B and they call in Francine. Hector and Lisa arrive at the studio to meet host Bob Boston. Meanwhile, Sandy hypnotizes the show announcer by having him sleep for the duration of the whole show. Francine steps up in disguise to replace him. As the game begins, Lisa is put in the isolation booth. Bob asks Hector what's Lisa's favorite animal. Hector writes his answer 'dogs'. But Francine changes it to 'pack mule'. After coming out the booth, Lisa answers the right question wrong. Meanwhile, Jessica is watching the show on televison and notices something isn't right and heads out to the studio. As the game goes on, Annie and Sandy are beating Lisa and Hector 538 to 0 before the break. Lisa hears a familiar voice from an announcer which turns out to be Francine. Jessica arrives at the studio and receives a message from Hector than Francine's in the studio. As the speed round begins, Hector writes in the answer of the next question. Francine mistakenly throws in a wrong answer on a wall while being chased by Francine. Lisa comes out answering the question right and they're on the board. The announcer awake and being chased by Jessica, runs into Francine hiding in the booth. As both of them come out, Jessica can't decide which one is Francine. Bob notices the chaos and handles it gracefully by putting the fake announcer in the booth. By then, Lisa and Hector have caught up with their opponents before their final question which is worth 270 points to win the game. Hector writes down the answer while Lisa covers her ears. Lisa uncovers her ears and answers Turkey and Swiss with everything else. Hector shows the answer she said and wins the game. Later back at the diner, The Electric Company gets a small bucket of money. Lisa will spend it on a smoothie with her friends and Aunt Sandy.

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