The Electric Company

Season 1 Episode 24

Fromage Here to Eternity

Aired Friday 4:30 PM Sep 24, 2009 on PBS

Episode Recap

Lisa is chosen to write a story on Skeleckian cheese for the school newspaper. While interviewing her Skeleckian friend, Dax, Annie Scrambler mixes the words on his briefcase. And to make matters worse, the steering wheel for the cheese is missing. At the diner, Dax shows The Electric Company the cheese is in orbit inside a capsule. He needs to have the wheel to bring down the cheese before his grandmother's birthday tomorrow. The gang will help by finding Annie and get the wheel back. Later back at the park, Dax opens his monitor suitcase to discover someone is driving the capsule without a monitor. It turns out that Manny who is helping Annie is driving it badly. Suddenly, the capsule leaves orbit and heads for earth. Annie uses the instruction button to control it but Lisa can use the computer to have Annie bring the capsule to her and Dax by using wordballs. After learning she's been tricked, Annie sends the arriving capsule away from them. Lisa receives a text from Hector that he spotted Annie. Moments later, Annie releases the cheese from the capsule as Hector and Manny race to get it. Manny catches it before slipping. The cheese is loose but Lisa catches it in her hands. Jessica and Keith stop Annie from getting away with the wheel. The next day Dax and The Electric Company surprise his grandma on her birthday with a plate of cheese.

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