The Electric Company

Season 1 Episode 16

Gravity Groove

Aired Friday 4:30 PM May 29, 2009 on PBS

Episode Recap

Lisa and Shock prepare for the 'Neighborhood Dance-Off' contest later in the afternoon while Francine and her Skeleckian partner Carl have a scheme to win the competition. After all, Carl was willing to dance with Francine when no one else wanted to dance with her. Francine changes a can of anti-gravity spray to sunblock and gives it to Shock. He sprays it on and his feet becomes heavy. Moments later at the diner, Hector watches an ad on-line in which an anti-gravity spokesperson sprays it on his legs and lands on the moon. It says the spray will last 6 hours. Lisa considers giving up the contest but Hector tells her to step up. And so Hector teaches Lisa some dance moves. Francine knows what's up and asks Carl for more spray. Carl has a feeling that's cheating, but Francine coaxes him out of it. She sets Lisa up in a trap. Now Lisa has heavy feet. She's only got 20 minutes before the contest starts, but she's confident. The dance off begins with Manny and his robot partner performing first. But, Manny ends up splitting his pants. Then, Paul the Gorilla and his partner Christine perform. Then, Francine and Carl come up with The Skeleckian Shuffle and take the lead in the contest. Finally, Lisa and Shock come up with a new dance, The Gravity Groove! They win the contest and everyone starts doing it,  including Carl. Francine's not pleased. The next day, Lisa and Shock get an offer to give dance lessons at school. Paul wants in on it too.