The Electric Company

Season 1 Episode 9

He Ain't Heavy, He's Just Frozen

Aired Friday 4:30 PM Mar 20, 2009 on PBS

Episode Recap

While The Electric Company are playing basketball, Manny Spamboni has a freezing device that can freeze people for a few seconds. Annie Scrambler tries it on her sister and it works. Then she adjusts the gadget to 'permanent'. Manny and Annie fight over the device until Annie accidently freezes Keith permanently. Hector, Lisa, and Jessica carry Keith back to the diner. They realize Annie froze Keith with Manny's gadgets. They do some research on the internet. And this kid in the video is teaching how to help an immobile person while freezing and unfreezing. They don't know Annie is watching from outside. The kid writes something on the video until Annie comes in. She sees the word 'completed' on the screen and scrambles the word with the stomp of her foot. The word is changed to 'temp code'. Lisa knows what's up and tells Annie to change the word back but Annie refuses. Lisa fixes the word which says 'competed'. The gang now has to figure out the last game Keith competed. Keith tells them he had a race with Manny. So, Hector and Lisa find Manny and asks him to unfreeze Keith. Manny cooperates under one condition, that they don't tell his mother on him. And so, Keith and Manny compete in a race, but nothing's working. When Shoch shows up on his rollerblades, Lisa had an idea. Keith races Manny again this time with blades and a helmet on. Shock helps to catch Keith with pillows and a mitt on. But, that plan doesn't work either. Manny's little brother, Sammy,  shows up. The Electric Company discover that's the kid on the video. Manny and Sammy go off bickering about the gadget. Hector tells Sammy what Keith was competing in the last game. Sammy corrects him with the word 'completed'. Annie had taken away a letter while she scrambled it earlier. It turns out that Keith completed a three point shot while playing basketball. Sammy tells them if Keith misses that shot, he'll be frozen forever. So, Hector, Lisa and Jessica help Keith to make that shot again. He does and unfreezes himself. Mrs. Spamboni comes to the basketball court and goes after Manny for the trouble he caused. Then, she gives Annie a message from her mother to go baby-sit her sister.

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