The Electric Company

Season 2 Episode 11

Jules Quest

Aired Friday 4:30 PM Apr 30, 2010 on PBS

Episode Recap

Hector digs a hole in the park where he buries a small treasure chest. Later, he returns with Jessica to dig. Danny is there on the bench and asks them if they're planting trees. Hector tells him they're doing a volunteer project. Then, Jessica digs up the chest with scrolls inside. At the diner, Hector, Jessica and Lisa read each of the scrolls. Jessica reads one of the scrolls that leads her on a jewel quest. Lisa reads one which makes her tongue cursed. And Hector says the person has to walk 28 steps and tells his sister they have to start excavating. But Jessica doesn't know that Hector and her friends are faking it in order to set up a surprise birthday party for her. Back at the park, Jessica has to walk 28 steps north. Luckily, Hector has a compass to help her. After walking 28 steps, Jessica finds the chest open and learns that Danny stole it thinking he is looking for jewels. Lisa gives out another clue with her cursed tongue. And Jessica learns that another chest is by the stairs where the bear statue is. However, Danny beats her to it and attempts to take the scroll. Hector stops him telling him it's fake and they're setting up a surprise party so Jessica can reunite with her best friend Jules, who moved away last year. Danny plays along when Jessica shows up with Lisa to take out another chest. Jessica reads another scroll that tells her to go to the waterfalls. She turns around to see her friends gone. When she gets there she sees a big treasure chest that contains a final clue which tells her to close the chest. She does and is excited to see her friend Jules. Everyone has a pirate birthday party, including Danny Rebus.