The Electric Company

Season 1 Episode 6

Lost and Spaced

Aired Friday 4:30 PM Feb 20, 2009 on PBS

Episode Recap

At the science fair Lisa and her Sklecian friend, Dax, introduce their project in which a person will shrink into size and take a ride through the solar system. Francine,who wants to win a science project of her own, volunteers to try the demonstration. Lisa, Dax and Francine step in the machine. Francine steps out to get her camera before Lisa and Dax shrank to their ship. Then Francine steals the purple wire that enlarges them back leaving Lisa and Dax  trapped in their project. Luckily ,they get help. Lisa sends a message to her crew that Francine has the wire. Hector and Jessica look for Francine. Keith gets fancy by sending a message from his wordball, and ends up trapped in the ship with Lisa and Dax. Meanwhile Hector and Jessica catch up with Francine and take the purple wire. They get in contact with Lisa. Dax tells them from inside that the purple wire should be connected to the blue wire. Hector makes one mistake and he,
Jessica and Francine join the others in the ship. After releasing pressure from his ear, Dax gets an idea. Jupiter has ammonia that can enlarge them to normal. They head for Jupiter and they're back out at the fair in their normal   Later after giving the teacher a tour through the solar system, Lisa and Dax win first prize with a gift certificate for 'The International House of Noodles'. Francine wins the runner-up for being sweet.