The Electric Company

Season 2 Episode 5

Madame President

Aired Friday 4:30 PM Feb 12, 2010 on PBS

Episode Recap

Lisa signs up to run for Book Club President. Then, Francine signs up to run against her so she can boss people around. Later, Francine e-mails a negative ad on Lisa so she can win the election. Hector checks the polls and sees that Lisa and Francine are tied. Lisa sets up a positive campaign video and her poll numbers go up as a result. Francine gets revenge and has her Skeleckian friend, Carl, copy Lisa's plan with a help of a camcorder. Later after receiving another negative ad from Francine, Hector and Keith tell Lisa she and Francine should have a debate. And so Lisa challenges Francine into a debate with Samantha Bee as a lead. Before the debate, Francine overhears Keith talking about the book called 'Little Women'. She uses Carl again for another dirty strategy. When the debate starts, Carl asks Francine about the book. Francine tells the audience that it's all about tiny lady ninjas. Lisa corrects her by saying that they don't exist and Samantha Bee backs her up making Francine look dumb. Later back at the diner, Samantha Bee announces Lisa has been elected Book Club President. Lisa can rest easy.