The Electric Company

Season 1 Episode 27

Mighty Bright Fight

Aired Friday 4:30 PM Sep 30, 2009 on PBS

Episode Recap

Hector runs into his sister Jessica at the rec center. She only has little time to talk because she is busy. Hector becomes suspicious and sees her hanging out with Manny Spamboni and Harper doing a secret handshake. Later at the diner,Jessica comes in and notices her friends being suspicious. She tells them that they're rehearsing for the 'Knight-I-Con' convention. She was rehearsing with Harper last week when Manny told them that creator Stan Flea was having a competition to bring Might Bright Knight to life. He also told them groups of three have to enter. So, Manny decides to join them because he knows everything about the hero. After Jessica finishes her story, Manny and Harper tell her they have to go to the theatre to rehearse. Later, Hector and Lisa watch them rehearse at the theater. But Hector can't trust Manny because he could pull a prank. Jessica comes on the defense and wants to do it because it's more important to her. Back at the diner, Hector meets Stan Flea and takes him to the theater where Jessica is rehearsing with the others. Stan is looking for an assistant to help him. Then, Manny steps up to work with him leaving Jessica and Harper behind. Jessica feels betrayed. But Hector steps up and rehearses with her. Later after getting last place at the contest, Manny offers Hector, Jessica and Harper three autographed comic books, but they refuse. Stan shows up to show Jessica a new character, The Electric Empress, based on her because she stood up for her friends. Manny is foiled again.

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