The Electric Company

Season 3 Episode 1

Off Target

Aired Friday 4:30 PM Feb 07, 2011 on PBS

Episode Recap

Lisa addresses the viewers from a flying video that she's away in space camp. Her friend Hector is in charge of The Electric Diner and Francine has a new assistant, Gilda Flip. She also mentions a kid who will join The Electric Company who is revealed as Marcus Barnes. Marcus is in the park practicing to pitch. He thinks, then discovers he has wordball power. He runs to Jessica to tell the news. She tells him to think of his name and then throw it. He does but his wordball zig-zags around the area before Marcus's name strikes Paul the Gorilla's back. At the diner, The Electric Company teach Marcus how to hit a target with the right aim. Then they have a plan that in order to join the team, he'll have to hit the bullseye. But they don't know that Gilda is listening in and report it to Francine. Gilda has an idea which makes Francine be proud of her. They get in contact with Manny,who made a word vacuum gadget to prevent Marcus from hitting the target. The Electric Company take Marcus to the park to take aim but Marcus's wordball sucks into Manny gadget while the Prankster's hide out. Back at the diner, Hector recalls a funny story of how he got his wordball. When he and the gang take Marcus back to the park, Gilda calls Francine so they can do some more damage. Back at the park, Marcus tries to throw a wordball again but it gets sucked in. Then he spots the Praksters. He thinks for a moment and makes a stack of wordballs and throws it into the machine. Manny, Francine and Gilda come out of hiding before the machine explodes. They try to make a run for it but they end up with a wordball on their....butts. After they leave Marcus completes the target and heads back with The Electric Company to take the pledge. Marcus takes the oath with The Electric Company, including Lisa by video, and shows off his math skills by displaying numbers.

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