The Electric Company

Season 1 Episode 28

Oh Danny Boy

Aired Friday 4:30 PM Oct 01, 2009 on PBS

Episode Recap

Danny and Paul the Gorilla team up as partners for the upcoming doubles ping pong tournament. Francine and her partner Manny compete and beat them during practice. Danny suspects them of cheating and ask The Electric Company for help. Keith thinks Manny invented a gadget to cheat. Hector steps up to be Danny's partner and heads to the rec center. When they get there, Paul's feelings are hurt after discovering Danny is partnering up with Hector. Francine and Manny show up and see Danny partnering up with Hector. They show off their skill, but Hector and Danny beat them at their own game. Afterwards, Francine asks Danny to be her partner but Danny chooses Hector because he's loyal. Later at the diner, Danny offers Hector a t-shirt for their partnership before practice, but they don't know Francine is up to some scheme. Later during practice, Francine sends a video message to Danny with a clip of Hector saying that Danny's annoying. In response, Danny quits being Hector's partner and replaces him with Francine. At the day of the tournament, Hector tries to explain to Danny. Jessica knows Francine left out what Hector said calling Danny a good guy. Danny partners with Hector again after dropping Francine. They advance themselves to the finals only to be eliminated by Paul and his partner, Paul the Gorilla, who wins the crown. Back at the diner, Danny asks Hector to go bowling as best friends. Hector considers adding him with his other friends. Danny's sensitivity gets to him and he leaves. It's hard to be Danny Rebus.