The Electric Company

Season 1 Episode 23

Out to Launch

Aired Friday 4:30 PM Sep 17, 2009 on PBS

Episode Recap

Hector sees himself on The Electric Diner billboard with the words "I'm a big fan!" Even Paul the Gorilla's a fan too. He gets a signed autograph from Hector. Then Francine changes the word "fan" to "liar" making everyone in the neighborhood hate him. Even,  Paul gives back Hector's autograph. At the diner, The Electric Company receive a video blog from Francine to tell the world that Hector is a liar. The Electric Company and Keith's father go out and confront Francine and her mother about the billboard change. Francine denies it and keeps her word. Mrs. Curruthers refuses to change the word back and won't admit The Electric Company or Mr.Watson inside. Later, The Electric Company return to Francine's house with a few items to change the word back with a wordball but nothing works. Then, they use a rocket launcher where Keith shows an angle to hit their target. But Francine blocks their target with her umbrella. Back at the diner, Francine shows a clip of The Electric Company causing mayhem in the neighborhood. They decide to fight back with Jessica posting a blog. But Paul had an idea. Throw a word- ball in the opposite direction to make it higher. The plan workd and Francine is unknowingly caught on video confessing she changed the word on Hector's billboard. Mrs. Curruthers punishes Francine by taking her camcorder and tells her not to make blogs for half a day. Later back at the diner, Jessica does a report on Francine's confession. At least, Hector has reputation back greeting some fans.