The Electric Company

Season 3 Episode 5

Pies for Puppies

Aired Friday 4:30 PM Feb 14, 2011 on PBS

Episode Recap

Jessica is baking pies for a 'Pies for Puppies' charity bake sale. Her goal is to sell at least 50 pies so she can be crowned 'Puppy Hero'.  When she arrives at the diner that morning, the pies are gone. She discovers that they've been stolen by Danny Rebus, who's held the title of 'Puppy Hero' for years. She goes out and confronts Danny about stealing her pies. Danny insults her pies and Jessica responds that she'll compete against him to earn the title. Later,a Skeleckian reporter checks to see how the two are doing. Danny has sold 25 pies, while Jessica had sold ten. Jessica challenges Danny on a pie tasting contest. The reporter looks for a random person,and Annie steps up for the challenge. Then Marcus shows up saying that the person should be blindfolded to taste them. Annie is blindfolded and tastes both pies choosing Jessica's and the customers come over to buy her pies. After mistakenly tasting Jessica's pies, Annie tells Danny she had an idea. Later, Annie returns to tell the reporter that Jessica's pies caused her to have hair stickingupitis. Jessica tells the reporter it's gel but the customers don't buy it and go over to Danny's line. Jessica feels down but has an idea. She comes back with the same thing Annie had, then forces the reporter to smell the hair gel on her. He smells Annie's hair and the puppy's hair and realizes Jessica was right. He tells the viewers to buy Jessica's pies. Jessica finally sells 50 pies and is crowned 'Puppy Hero'.

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