The Electric Company

Season 3 Episode 6

Prankster Holiday

Aired Friday 4:30 PM Feb 21, 2011 on PBS

Episode Recap

With everyone in the neighborhood away, Danny and Manny conspire to pull the ultimate prank on The Electric Company. As soon as they leave the park, Marcus looks around the rebus puzzles Danny has thrown. He knows the Pranksters are up to something bad. He can't stop them while his friends are away for a day. Instead, he calls on Paul the Gorilla to help him stop the Pranksters. But Marcus needs a little more help. His friend Emily shows up dressed as George Washington to see him. Marcus convinces Paul and Emily to fight for what's right. They have until 6 p.m. to do it. Meanwhile in the park, Manny shows a wordball from Francine which has the words 'The Electric Company doesn't like you'. Manny plans to inflate the words and launch them in the sky by 6 p.m. Ninety minutes later, Danny spots Marcus and his crew with his binoculars and tells Manny they're in the park. Manny tells him to distract them for an half-hour. That fails when Emily points to Danny hiding behind a broken branch. Danny throws a banana at Paul and gets away. Marcus and his pals chase Danny until he's cornered at the closed diner. Danny accidently gives away their evil plan before running away. Marcus tells his crew they have fifteen minutes until launch and head back to the park. As soon as they arrive, Marcus tells them they have at least two minutes left. Danny arrives just in time for Manny to launch the words in the sky. However, Marcus arrives just in time and make a wordball and kicks it to the sky changing the words to 'The Electric Company wishes you a Happy 4th of July'. The Pranksters plan has backfired. Jessica arrives at the park and is excited about what Marcus has done. He tells her about it while on the way to see the fireworks.