The Electric Company

Season 3 Episode 4

Revenge of the Zeros

Aired Friday 4:30 PM Feb 10, 2011 on PBS

Episode Recap

It's Paul the Gorilla's annual banana festival. At the banana sculpturing contest, Keith and Marcus get a 9.5 for making The Eiffel Tower out of bananas while Annie and Danny get a zero, not for making the Taj Mahal out of bananas but because they broke a rule by putting a strawberry on top. After losing the contest, Annie whispers to Danny that they'll plan to ruin Paul's party. But Danny repeats it out loud getting Keith and Marcus's attention. They race to the diner to tell Hector. Jessica finds out the two pranksters are upset because they lost. The balloon delivery man comes in to tell Hector to pay $120 for zero balloons. The order was scrambled until Marcus corrects it to make it ten balloons for $20. Hector orders a different set of balloons, but Annie has another plan. She attempts to scramble the list while sending Danny to distract the deliveryman. When the deliveryman shows it to Hector, he's told the list is scrambled, again. While Hector and Jessica try to fix the situation, Keith gets everything ready for the party while Marcus watches the list. Then, when Marcus goes inside the diner for a moment, Annie scrambles the list by changing a one-man marching band to ten. Marcus comes out and calls in the order without knowing what the Pranksers have done. Later as the party starts, ten one-man marching bands arrive. The Electric Company realize the Pranksters are behind it and confront Annie and Danny at the park. Danny confesses that he and Annie ruined Paul's party, but The Electric Company sends in ten one-man marching bands to ruin them. The party goes on as planned with Paul being a tired party pooper.