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  • 2009 the electric company tv show

    It's great tv show kids. I can't wait for DVD coming up. My baby love watch so munch.
  • PBS' Electric Company reboot is just laughable. I will never get what age the show was intended for nor how this lasted two years in the first place.

    Is your 4th grader reading at a level of a kindergartener? Well PBS has the show for your kid. OK. Lets calm down here for a second, hopefully there aren't any real 4th graders reading at a kindergarten level in here. I'm sorry if anyone is offended. The thing I can't get is what age this is intended for? The kids on the show look obviously too old to be on a preschool show. So how did this end up on the afternoon block aimed at older kids (6-11) PBS Kids GO! For one thing it doesn't fit with other shows with smart writing and facts interesting to kids like Arthur, Cyberchase, Fetch with Ruff Ruffman and DragonFlyTV. The show is aimed at older kids ,but is paced like a preschool show. You see songs about the sounds letters of the alphabet make. Kids wont see how the concepts relate to real life anyway, it's too obvious. Characters solve the suituation by sounding out a word and such. Anyway I don't get how a third or fourth grader would want to watch a show with skills already taught to them in kindergarten. With teenybopper music, teenage actors,and the fact that this is on PBS Kids GO! I can't pin this down as a preschool show. The 2009 version of The Electric Company does not aknowledge modern standards of education. Obcourse the older verison was good for the 70's. The new series hasn't rebooted to today's level of education. PBS' reboot of The Electric Company is one of the most silliest things i've ever seen. If a kids show is so bad, not even kids like it, what's the point?