The Electric Company

Season 1 Episode 10

Scrambled Brains

Aired Friday 4:30 PM Mar 27, 2009 on PBS

Episode Recap

Lisa has a habit of being clumsy but today she receives a coupon for a free hypnosis from Annie's uncle, Sigmund Scrambler. That can cure her clumsiness. It turns out to be a trap when Sigmund hypnotizes Lisa and has her switch brains with his niece, Annie. The switch is a success. Annie is in Lisa's body while Lisa is in Annie's. Jessica knows somethings tricky and confronts Annie who's in Lisa's body, but Annie tricks her and gets away with Uncle Sigmund. Lisa gets up and is shocked when she sees herself in Annie's body. At the diner, Hector comes in and sees Annie with Keith and Jessica. But Lisa tells him she switched brains with Annie after being fooled for trying to have her clumsiness cured. Then, Keith had a theory that Annie swicthed brains with Lisa to make her look bad. However, they find a clue from under Shock's sneaker. A flyer for Sigmund having a seminar. So, The Electric Company track down Sigmund. He tries to get away, but Hector sets him up to run into a dead end. Sigmund can't reverse a double hypnosis unless Lisa and Annie are present. Lisa's worried if Annie refuses she'll be stuck like this forever. Meanwhile Annie who's in Lisa's body is causing chaos in the neighborhood, including a hot dog vendor, a couple getting married and a breakfast vendor. But Lisa fixes everything in time to make people like her. Annie gets upset when all of her plans backfire and wants to switch back to her own body. And so, Sigmund switches Lisa and Annie's brains to normal. Lisa's back to her clumsy self while Annie didn't learn anything.

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