The Electric Company

Season 3 Episode 10

Shrink, Shrank, Shrunk

Aired Friday 4:30 PM Mar 21, 2011 on PBS

Episode Recap

Manny is testing the Skeleckian Shrinkinator 3002 in order to have his own superpower. He tries it on a water bottle until a football thrown by Marcus knocks it down. By the time the gadget is activated Marcus and Jessica get in the way and are accidently shrunk. Manny realizes what he's done and gets away. Meanwhile, Dax shows up at the diner to tell The Electric Company that Manny borrowed the shrinkinator for a science project, but that wasn't the case. Keith calls on Jessica and Marcus and then receives a text from Jessica to meet them at the park after what Manny have done. Moments later, Keith and Dax find them next to the slide. Dax measures both of them and that they're an inch each. Then, Keith and Dax find Manny, but Manny shrinks himself and the gadget along with him. Shortly, he finds Danny and tells him to hide him because Dax was coming. Danny tells Dax he hasn't seen him and leaves the park with Manny hiding in his bag. Later at the diner, Hector tells Danny who he's talking to. Then he hears a familiar voice before Danny drops his bag. Hector calls Dax saying tiny Manny is loose in the diner. Dax gives him the ten digit reversal code in which Marcus displays it up. Keith and Dax return to the diner to help the others look for Manny. They searchs everywhere but the muffin tray. Manny is found there and Marcus activates the code to restore him, Jessica, Marcus, Manny and the tiny car Dax brought in to normal size. Manny learns his lesson not to use gadgets for mischief and that Danny should have helped him. Dax measures Jessica and Marcus once more and Jessica is two inches taller than Marcus.