The Electric Company

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Friday 4:30 PM Jan 19, 2009 on PBS

Episode Recap

At the park Keith uses his power to draw a dog and a cat with his hand. Another kid asks him how he got his power. Keith recalls the story while playing basketball with Hector the other day. On their game of 'HORSE' a player has to put a letter to make the word if they miss the shot. Keith claimed he'd won the game then suddenly throws an E with his wordball. He discovered he has the power and runs to The Electric Diner to tell his father the news. He's accepted to join The Electric Company, but he has to make a pledge. It's members include Hector who makes pictures with his hands, his sister Jessica who re-plays things by audio and Lisa who rearranges letters and words. While taking the oath, Francine, the leader of The Pranksters who witnessed Keith's skill jumps in and takes it away from him. Lisa has an idea so Keith can trade skills with Francine. At the playground Francine uses Keith's skill by drawing a Mount Rushmore like drawing with herself and her fellow Pranksters, Manny, Annie, and Danny. Keith shows up pretending to be them and tells them he could steal all the powers of The Electric Company. Francine tells him to show up at 4 P.M. to show proof. Later that afternoon Keith shows up with Hector, Jessica, and Lisa. Keith joins The Pranksters while the other 3 go into hiding. He shows them he's got Hector, Jessica and Lisa's powers. Then he pledges with Francine for a trade. She succeeds but realizes she's been tricked and Keith has his powers back. He later finishes the oath with the gang back at the diner.

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