The Electric Company

Season 1 Episode 22

The Flube Whisperer

Aired Friday 4:30 PM Sep 16, 2009 on PBS

Episode Recap

Keith is taking care of a Skeleckian pet flube living in the biosphere but the thermometer is dropping. Keith says if the temperature goes to 45 degrees or below ,the flube will die. Moments later at the diner, The Electric Company calls the help line on how to fix the biosphere but the operator won't be available for ten days. With little time, Keith has no options. However, Lisa has a Skeleckian shrinkenator to shrink people very tiny. Keith is sent down to help the flube living in an egg. He has the instruction book but it's missing part of a page. Luckily, The Electric Company spot Manny and ask him for help. He agrees and is sent down to help Keith. Keith isn't pleased because he can't trust him. They put their differences aside to work together. Manny connects the blue wire to the grid which was missing on the page. It works and the temperature goes up causing the egg to hatch. It hatches in a form of an egg with feet. The flube head butts Manny as a Skeleckian way to hug people. After returning to normal, Manny offers Keith a rubber band ball for the flube to play with. But it doesn't take long for Manny to get back to his old ways when a furious Lisa confronts Manny on finding his dirty socks in her locker.

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