The Electric Company

Season 2 Episode 7

The Great Compromise

Aired Friday 4:30 PM Apr 02, 2010 on PBS

Episode Recap

Keith catches Francine changing the street sign from '153rd Street' to 'FRANCINE'S WAY'. Keith changes it back. Keith and Francine threw word balls constantly because of the name of the street, which distracts Mrs. Quiggly and makes her crash her car. Furious, she orders Keith and Francine to see her at her office. Later, Lisa takes Keith to see Mrs. Quiggly who is finished having a meeting with Francine and Annie. When Lisa tells them that the Pranksters are causing trouble, Francine and Annie barge in causing them to bicker. Fed up, Mrs. Quiggly says she'll send letters to The Electric Company and the Pranksters to have a meeting tomorrow afternoon to work together to preserve their ability to use their powers or lose them permanently.The next day, everyone shows up at the diner except for Danny, who's visiting his grandparents. He shows up through a flying video. Keith and Annie both have proposals but the two sides continue to bicker. Hector tells everyone that they should be united. Then Francine makes a proposal to use their powers everywhere except traffic. Everyone likes the idea. Later back at Mrs. Quiggly's office, The Electric Company and the Pranksters share their proposal to her but she isn't convinced. When she attempts to sit on the bench, Francine throws the words 'WET PAINT' to save her skirt. Mrs. Quiggly has a change of heart and accepts their proposal. At least The Electric Company aren't bickering with the Pranksters any more. Danny is perturbed because he wasn't offered hot cocoa because he's inside the television!

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