The Electric Company

Season 3 Episode 12

The Junior Assistant

Aired Friday 4:30 PM Apr 04, 2011 on PBS

Episode Recap

Francine shows her audition tape for The Ronald and his current assistant, Benjamin, to be a contestant for Ronald's reality show "The Junior Assistant". Ronald won't have her on his show unless she collaborates with The Electric Company as a team leader. She does. Francine tells Hector that Ronald wants them to bake 600 cookies by 5 p.m. Hector takes it as a joke but Ronald says, through video from Francine's cell, that he will buy cookies from the diner if they do the job. And so Hector and the gang have everything they need to make batches of cookies but their oven can only hold two batches. Luckily,Francine has connections. They use Ronald's kitchen with four ovens that can hold eight batches. But Francine isn't doing a good job being the leader and collaborating with the gang. She tries to bake twice the amount of a batch of cookies but does a horrible job. Hector has had enough and takes over as leader. With an half-hour to go, they finally baked all the cookies and start to decorate the R's for Ronald. Francine can't keep up by putting cookies in the box because she's daydreaming. She tries desperately to fix things until Ronald and Benjamin come in. Hector admits the R's weren't decorated. Francine kicks a cookie to Ronald with the crumbs landing on his shoe. Francine blames Marcus on it and blames Hector for not being a leader. Ronald thought Francine was the leader but he comes to his senses and tells her that she's out of the job. Impressed, Ronald decides to put Hector on his show. You can count on Hector.

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