The Electric Company

Season 1 Episode 17

The Limerick Slam

Aired Friday 4:30 PM Sep 07, 2009 on PBS

Episode Recap

Manny is excited that today is the 'Limerick Slam Competition' which Manny wins every year. Hector isn't interested, but Jessica is and signs in to compete with Manny. Later at the diner, Jessica tries to rhyme with Limericks, but Hector says her rhymes are invalid. Hector refuses to discuss about why he's bitter about it. He fesses up and says he remembers competing against Manny in the limerick face-off several years ago. He was distracted by a buzzing sound which made him lose the competition and he never faced off against him since. Manny taunts Hector and Jessica from a cellphone which made them decide to face off against Manny together. And so, Hector teaches Jessica the limerick structure.Two rhymes ,followed by two different rhymes before a third rhyme from the first two. Manny watches their strategy, but he has a way to cheat. A mechanical bug to distract Jessica. It's time for the Limerick Slam and Jessica and Manny face-off in three rounds. In round one ,Manny makes a limerick from the word poet. He's gets it validated and Jessica goes up. Suddenly,she's distracted by Manny's mechanical bug. However, Jessica gets validated before moving on to round two. Hector calls time out and gets word from Jessica about the buzzing sound. Hector investigates and discovers that Manny is cheating with the bug just like he did to him years ago. Hector replaces Jessica in the competition. Manny tries to distract him, but Hector catches the bug. Manny's motive is exposed. Mrs. Spamboni who was in the audience gets mad at her son. After winning round two Hector ordered a freestyle round to make things fair. Jessica partners up with Hector while Manny partners with his mother. Manny messes up by rhyming one word with the same one and gets it invalidated. Hector and Jessica win the face-off leaving Manny crying.