The Electric Company

Season 3 Episode 7

The Wordball Games

Aired Friday 4:30 PM Feb 28, 2011 on PBS

Episode Recap

The Electric Company and the Pranksters compete in the annual wordball games. Hector sprains his ankle before the event which means he can't play. The referee says that the number of players on both teams equal the number of events. The Pranksters thought they'd win until Manny sprained his ankle. Now both teams have to play three events. Danny wonders who will compete against him in the word obstacle course if Hector's not playing. It turns out Marcus is chosen to replace Hector. In the first event, Keith and Annie compete in the long word jump. Annie receives a penalty for scrambling Keith's name on his t-shirt. The Electric Company gets 50 points but Keith receives a penalty for laughing at Annie which in turn ties the score. Keith makes Annie jump the word 'length', which she does and earn six points for her team. Annie has Keith jump the word 'dictionary', which he does. His team gets ten points. Then Keith has Annie  jump a very long word. She fails and The Electric Company wins the round. In round two, Francine beats Jessica in the wordball toss after throwing the word 'incredible' stretched out. Both teams are tied at 310 points. It's up to Marcus to win for the team but he's nervous. The final round is the word obstacle course in which both players run through a word tire, jump through the word 'hoop' and answer a mystery trivia question which earns 1 point to win. As the game begins, Annie starts to cheat by scrambling the word 'hoop' causing Marcus to be knocked down. Jessica catches Annie in the act and replays an audio for the ref giving Annie a penalty. Annie scrambles it back and Marcus proceeds. Danny's already at the finish line and answers the question of a thing a person can never bend in a game. He gets his answers wrong but Marcus finally answers the question by using from memory what the ref said earlier. The answer is "The rules". The Electric Company wins the games and gets the trophy.