The Electric Company

Season 1 Episode 20

The Wordball Is My Oyster

Aired Friday 4:30 PM Sep 10, 2009 on PBS

Episode Recap

Lisa plays a lead role in a play featuring Keith, Danny and Annie who's plays a maid. Lisa develops stage fright and decides to quit. Later at the diner, Jessica has an idea for Lisa. She'll teach Lisa the lines in case she forgets. But Annie has a scheme and gets Danny into it. Later at rehearsal, Lisa slips a bit and Jessica shows her her line. But Annie scrambles the line with the stomp of her foot. Rehearsal is stopped and Annie decides she'll switch roles with Lisa. Danny threatens to quit if Lisa's around. The play is in jeopardy. At the night of the performance, Annie is being interviewed by a Skeleckian reporter that her people are watching the broadcast live. Suddenly, Annie gets a case of stage fright. Annie slips the words to Lisa about scrambling her lines and tells her to take back the role. Lisa overcomes her fears of stage fright and goes through the scene well. The next day, Lisa receives wonderful reviews of her performance while Annie's was forgettable. Annie's not happy about it.