The Electric Company

Season 3 Episode 11

Tip It or Dip It

Aired Friday 4:30 PM Mar 28, 2011 on PBS

Episode Recap

Marcus and Manny have been selected as contestants in a cheesy game show "Tip It or Dip It". Game show host Rob Robson announces he'll be moving on to another game show but he's brought in a guest host for the week who happens to be Francine. That's not good for Marcus but it is good for Danny. Francine gives out the rules that a contestant has to put objects in one scale against another one filled with pudding. If the scale tips ,the contestant wins the round. Afterwards, Rob tells her to find another approach besides her double-winking. As soon as he leaves, Manny asks her to help him cheat and she gives the okay. Jessica and Keith help Marcus practice for the game while Manny places a barbell in Marcus's scale in order to cheat. Francine uses Manny's windblow gadget to make her look fabulous. The game begins and contestants have three rounds to win the game. In the first round which is worth three points, Marcus and Manny have to carry socks by their legs and put them in the scale. Manny tips his scale and wins the round. Marcus dips his knees in the pudding but realizes something's wrong. He alerts his friends but the game resumes. In round two, worth a million points, the contestants weigh hot dogs with their elbows. Manny wins again. Marcus receives a message from Jessica that something's in the pudding and finds a barbell inside. Marcus tells Francine about it but there's nothing she can do. Rob tells her there's no time-outs because the contest is live. Francine's nervous and tells Manny he's on his own. In the final round which is worth 1,000,004 points and the game, contestants have to put chickens on the scale with their chins. Marcus miraculously wins the round and the game. He gets a year long supply of pickles. Manny gets dumped by pudding and blows some of it to Francine with his windblow gadget. It goes to show her that game show hosting isn't for the faint at heart.

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