The Electric Playground

Friday 12:00 AM on G4 Premiered Sep 01, 1997 In Season





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  • Greatest video game show.

    Great hosts, great games and a great pace. Keep it coming!!!You gotta watch it. Any true gamer will now this is the sizzle nizzle(pardon my french). Back to back with Reviews on the Run on sundays, it's church ofr gamers.

    Flanders sucks, Flanders sucks, Flanders sucks.
    (Just trying to get to the 50 word mininum.)
  • EP gives you information you didn't even know that you needed.

    The Electric Playground has become one of those shows I have to watch every week there is a new episode on. Being a gamer, I love to find out the behind the scenes information on the games that I enjoy. And while The Electric Playground has given me that, it has also introduced me to some other games I might not have even noticed before.

    The hosts present a semi-serious look at the people behind the games. While it's interesting to find out about these future games, it is always fun to see what kind of cheesy graphics the cast and crew will use in this episode. Just know, that if it has to do with a Star Wars game, there will be a few stormtroopers in the episode. Some of their funnier and better(and well funded) episodes center around these Star Wars games.

    In all, EP is a fun look at upcomming games and the inner workings of the people making these games. Finally, those people get credit where credit is due.
  • Great fir knoweldge but not for the hosts

    The show is good and the information is great but they need to get rid of some of their field reporters. Victor and Tommy are great and when they are on the show is great, but they got two girls Julie and somebody else. I dont know if they are retarded but they suck at what they do and need to quit. They shouldnt be on G4 and they just need to leave it to Victor and Tommy.
  • A show that looks at upcoming games.

    The only thing good about this show is getting a look at upcoming games. The bad thing is that they just let the publishers or developers of the games talk about it. Of course they are not going to say anything bad about the game even if the game is really bad. And electric playground interviewer doesnt ask any questions that might make them have to defend the game. They make every game on this show look like it's flawless and they always say "can't wait to play it".