The Elephant Princess

Sunday 8:30 AM on Network Ten Premiered Nov 13, 2008 In Season


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  • Very addicting show

    We looked for something on Netflix that myself, my fiancee and my 9 year old daughter would enjoy and we all thoroughly enjoyed this show. We wish it had more seasons available.
  • The Elephant Princess Is Awesome

    I watch this show every night now. I used to see it at night but not watch it, but one night I wanted to see what it was about, and now I love the show, and like I said watch it all the time
  • An Australian show about Alex, who discovers her history and destiny as the princess of a magical kingdom.

    I got introduced to this show because one of my favorite shows, H2O - Just Add Water is created by the same people. When I first heard that this show is going to be released, the premise seemed to me to be somewhat less interesting than H2O, however I try not to judge shows which I haven't seen yet and recently I have had a chance to watch several episodes. And while I still like H2O more, The Elephant Princess is definitely better than I expected.

    The concept of a character discovering a parallel world where she is from might have a problem with staying original, but here it's executed well. The storyline becomes really interesting as the season progresses, especially in the last few episodes and although I'm not really a fan of shows where characters have to use their powers to fight some sort of evil (which is one of the things that separates this show from H2O, at least for most of the time), The Elephant Princess is interesting and different enough to stand out.

    I would also like to note the music, especially the score (although Alex's band's songs are good too). It was written (again) by the same people as the H2O soundtrack, which is my favorite TV score of all time, and while some music elements sound almost like they're copied from there and so feel sort of out of the place, other original music really fits the show and it's very good overall.

    It seems that this show isn't that well known yet, but I guess it has several factors that might help with that in the future, at least I definitely hope so. For me it's now a show that I really like, and there aren't very many of those.
  • The story of Alex Wilson, who learns on her 16th birthday that she is not just an average suburban girl - she's really a princess and heiress to the throne of a magical kingdom in a parallel universe.

    Cool kids, special powers, fun magic, a captivating blend of humor and drama, fantasy and realism – that's "The Elephant Princess." It's a hip comedy/fairy-tale featuring music, magic and a unique blaze of color. It's a fantasy- fest half-hour series. At the center: a teenage girl named Alex who's into rock music, hanging around with her friends, and trying to make it through high school. On her 16th birthday an exotic young man, Kuru, appears with an elephant and tells her she's a princess and heiress to the throne of a magical kingdom in a parallel universe. And that she has magical powers.
  • the magic princess 2 worlds what will she choose ?

    I love this show so much there is'nt many people writing abot EP well i only one think to say about this show love it when u watch the first eps you can't wait for next one i think its great show much better then h20 i rally hoping they do season 2 becouse i relly would love to see if kuru will tell alex how feels about alex will i have to wait a see I always can't wait for next epsode i count the days when the next epsiode airs i think this the only show on nick better.
  • Alexandra Wilson is an ordinary girl but finds out she is a magical princess from Manjipoor. She also discovers her enemy/cousin Vashan who plans to remove her from the throne...

    I think that the Elephant Princess is a very good programme to watch whilst you are relaxing on the sofa etc. It is weekly and each week you want next week to be now! I do not think it is just for certain people i think it is for anyone who interests in fantasy. The best thing about it is that its not like a girly princessy film or anything it is more of an exciting drama series with powers and subjects, themes and other great stuff like dat! I think it is a good programme to watch. My sister likes it too it is really good and i reccomend it!