Eleventh Hour

ITV (ended 2006)





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  • Patrick Stewart becomes Ian Hood to investigates modern day science and the bad stuff that comes with it

    i thought it was great - it was a different idea and he worked as Ian Hood. It may have been a little long being an hour and half and so did become a little slow in parts but all in all i enjoyed it - cloning miracle water global warming - it all could be happening right now - it wasnt so much fiction - Patrick Stewart ruled.
  • Successful hollywood actor Patrick Stewart is starring in a UK miniseries, after moving back to Britain. This series is based upon possible events in our modern world(no science fiction here). Prof. Ian Holmes(P.Stewart) and his bodyguard(Ashley Jensen) s

    Apart from filming X-Men 3 Patrick Stewart had the time to do this miniseries.
    Eleventh Hour is a four-part investigative series looking at contemporary science, staring Patrick Stewart and Ashley Jensen. It is not science fiction.
    Patrick plays Professor Ian Hood, a retired physicist and academic working for the government as a science adviser. He is passionate about defending the cause of "good science" and rooting out "bad science". For a talented scientist, he is surprisingly clumsy at operating new technology such as mobile phones and he's also a terrible driver.
    This is where is bodyguard, played by Ashley Jensen, usually comes in. Additionally her character is more down to earth. She manages to play convincingly beside Stewart.
    At first the storylines seem rather far fetched, but once you start to think about it, all of the incidents are possible and portrayed convincingly.
    A strong miniseries that will hopefully be continued now that Stewart moved back to GB.