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The Ellen DeGeneres Show has consistently been one of the world's highest-rated shows and has been awarded many Daytime Emmy Awards. Hosted by star of Ellen and The Ellen Show, Ellen Degeneres always brings her A-game in order to make you laugh. Featuring a unique mix of celebrity interviews, chart-topping and up-and-coming musical performances, audience participation games, and segments spotlighting real life stories, and amazing talent throughout all age-groups. Ellen encourages a "negative-free zone", and tries to make everybody feel as if they are in the studio, even if they're sat at home. She regularly rings viewers and throughout regular segments within the show encourages people at home to send in videos, letters and even leave voicemail messages. Unlike other talk-shows were the host is accompanied by a houseband, Ellen is joined by a in-house DJ. Since the start of the series, there have been four DJ's (Scotty K, Jonny Abrahams, DJ Stryker, and Tont Okungbowa). However, Tony Okungbowa has been around the longest, appearing during most of season 1 and 2, and regularly since season 6. What is a huge part of the show, as at the start of each programme, after delivering her opening monologue, Ellen dances with the audience, following on from this she does her signature dance across her coffee table. Produced by Warner Bros. Entertainment on the Warner Bros. lot in California.moreless

Fan Reviews (308)

  • Invitation to South Africa

    Hi Ellen I am celebrating my 60th birthday in South Africa (my birth country) in August and we are going on a safari the week before the party. You and Porcia are invited to join me. By the way the birthday party is a birthday weekend as we start on the Friday and end on Sunday!! If you up to celebrating with me please let me know. Love your show Renemoreless
  • Just a thought!

    Hey Ellen! I was watching one of your episodes on YouTube(I was bored of watching Any way I just wanted to say hi. I was reading what some of the notes on here were. I feel so bad for the people on here. Some have had cancer, or just don't have the money. It makes me feel sad. Sometimes I wish I was in your shoes so I could help people like you do. It's just so cool that you're able to help someone in need, but hey I will be like that someday, just not in the way you do. One day I will be in the Air force and I will be just another American help this great nation(even though not all are wall are sturdy yet, but we are getting there!). I am going into the Air Force because I feel I have to, even if I really don't want to leave my mom. She means the world to me. She works hard all day at Walmart. Some times it just hurts me, seeing her stressed and tired from her job. I just sometimes wish that she could get away from it and never have to work again. That's why I am going into the Air Force, so I can get my education as a orthodontist and I can have her live in my house and never have to work again.moreless
  • widow sister her no have a chides 60 years over

    HI Ellen i write you do you have a human kinds any $ half kindly half my sister now thy lived Bangladesh

    i was half her now i no have a job my family lived Ottawa . my son a last year Carlton Universality Have a bachelor

    of low digress he got . but no have a job . my wife she new comer ESL - Learning . My request i want to

    go Bangladesh i see him . 20 years over didn't see her long time

    Because We r a BURMA'S Dispute nation Ottawa no have a my origin - community all Canada in facet

    immigration Canada didn't care her event UNHCR don't care MY Sister ! problem Bangladesh no have a family & relative only have possibly i go to there keep theme some humanitarian - or fined some real

    person thy take care her we r apply humanizing if you can thanks

    my name MONG Yousug Aung

    1065 Ramsey cr

    Ottawa ON k28a1

    cal - 613 890 6664



  • Hi Ellen Please Read Me

    Hi Ellen,

    My name is Bek Im a single mum from Corio Geelong Vic. Im a big fan and would love to come to your show, but cant aford it , im on the DSP because i have menital health prombiles as well as learning prombales. my kids dad moved my boys an hour away from me and i am should have them every second weekend and half off every hoildays, but i cant get them. Im sugging with money need a hoilday, but cant aford one. I have always wonted to come to your show and hang out with you for a day. i admyer what you do for people, and i do the same i have not got alot but i help others all the time from your insrearations. you are a great person and i think you are amazing. i would love to here back from you. i watch your show all the email address is . My boys are my world i dont have any family to turn to for help and i have stuggled with a drug additcon and i have been clean 1 year next mouth, i had to pull my life together for my wonderful sons Hunter & Harley. i live week to week and cant save any money, my bills are on top off me. But i get ahead slowey, thanks for reading this Bek Sherratt. my address is Unit 5/ 156 Cox Road Corio Geelong Vic 3214, my phone number is 0401565175.moreless
  • Babies need a new ride!

    Hi Ellen,

    Watched your show yesterday when you gave away a car to a very deserving gal. She was going to school, working, and helping her family financially. Wow! I know you hear from many people that touch your heart with their stories. You understand the struggles of those that reach out to you, and you really care. Here is my real "brady bunch" story. About 6 years ago, my son was married with 4 children (6 months, 3 yr old, 4 yr old, and 8 yr old) his then wife decided that wasn't the life for her, and she left. It was a struggle for all of us babysitting, laundry, household chores), not to mention the pain the children and my son were enduring due to being abandoned. Several years passed, and in stepped a 'fair lady' with 2 children of her own. They fell in love, and eventually moved in together. They've since added a new addition of their own - a baby girl! That makes 7 children! My son and his 'fair lady' both work retail, and struggle to make ends meet. They live in a 3 bedroom rental, and it is very cozy, to say the least. But they are a very happy family, that works hard, and they truly love each other. My son drives an old Ford explorer, and the 'fair lady' drives a small chevy. They could really use a car that would hold the whole family. When they travel, they have to take 2 cars, or pile the kids wherever they'll fit. They hope to marry one day, own a home . . . you get it, the American Dream. You are always so kind, and generous, and have helped so many people that have a hard time making it. Thanks for all you do, and I will close with your always inspiring words - be kind to one another (it means so much). Love ya Ellen. Sincerely, Teresa (grandma :)moreless

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