The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Season 3 Episode 158

Cast of The West Wing

Aired Weekdays May 11, 2006 on NBC
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Cast of The West Wing
Ellen has the exclusive farewell interview with the entire cast of "The West Wing," including MARTIN SHEEN, ALLISON JANNEY, BRADLEY WHITFORD, RICHARD SCHIFF, JIMMY SMITS, JANEL MOLONEY, KRISTIN CHENOWETH and DULE HILL. Ellen and the cast celebrate with a special season finale send-off party! The cast shares special moments and highlights from the past seven seasons.moreless

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      • Richard Schiff: Your producers told me that every time John Spencer came on the show he brought you flowers. So I thought it was appropriate that we continue that traditon. (hands her the roses)
        Ellen: Thank you, that's so sweet.
        Richard Schiff: Plus I want a date. (everyone laughs)
        Ellen: Ut oh. Thank you so much, yeah, he used to grow roses in his garden and he brought them.
        Richard Schiff: Well, they're not from my garden but they're the best I could do.
        Ellen: Thank you, they're beautiful, gigantic, I've never seen such large roses. You are special. (audience laughs) Let me ask you a question, since the cast is so large, we had to split up the cast---
        Martin Sheen: We didn't like them anyway. (audience laughs)
        Ellen: Yeah, well, they're here and they're backstage listenin' to this. (audience laughs)

      • (on what everyone's keeping from the West Wing set)
        Ellen: And what's everyone else keeping?
        Allison Janney: Well, I'm keeping-- I love the president's balls. (audience, her castmates, and Ellen laugh)
        Alan Alda: I knew it! I knew it!
        Allison Janney: Let me finish. (audience is still laughing) I'm sorry, I'm so sorry to all of you, really. They're glass balls, what do you call them…(audience laughs)
        Ellen: Paperweights.
        Allison Janney: …paperweights. (audience continues to laugh) They're glass paperweights on the presidents desk, they're beautiful.
        Ellen: They use them as paperweights? (Ellen tries to keep a straight face, Alan Alda laughs, audience laughs) Alright, so you're keeping those.
        Allison Janney: Yes, let's move on.
        Ellen: Martin?
        Martin Sheen: I've seen 'em.
        Jimmy Smits: Beautiful set or what?
        Martin Sheen: No, no, I don't have a clue. I haven't thought about taking anything.
        Ellen: Well, think about it 'cause people are grabbin' stuff now. (everyone laughs, Ellen tries to keep a straight face) Mary McCormack, Joshua Malina, Kristin Chenoweth , will be out here after this. The balls are gone already so…

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