The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Season 10 Episode 3

Dave Matthews, Allison Janney, Reese Witherspoon

Aired Weekdays Sep 12, 2012 on NBC

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  • Mrs. Beverly A. Locke

    I just love your show I watch everyday. Happy 10th Anniversary. One of these days, I may be able to meet you in person, that is one of my hopes, another is to be able win on 12 days of Christmas episode, so I could share with my 12 grandchildren, and 6 greats plus my 4 children, and my remaining brothers and sister out 16 their is 10 of us left. We only have our cousins left. My mother, had 10 brothers and sisters in her family, and non of them are alive. As one of the older cousins, every year my sisters and brothers try to keep our families together, by having a reunion, so our children could grow up knowing each other like we did. Our family would come to our house, and spend weekends. We had great times. I t is my goal, to see those times again, I love my family so much, to see them at our last reunion made me feel the love of our family there is hope. that some day we will all be together next year. I pray for peace and happiness for all. Peace Nammyohorengekyo

    world peace is my main goal. I just love fact that you deal with all walks of life. 100%