The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Season 3 Episode 165

Farewell to Tony

Aired Weekdays May 22, 2006 on NBC
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Farewell to Tony
Ellen celebrates the man who has made her dance for the last three seasons, DJ Tony Okungbowa. Ellen bids a fond farewell to DJ Tony and dedicates a special episode to all his contributions. Joining Ellen for the celebration is EVANGELINE LILLY of "Lost" and the hilarious JAMIE KENNEDY. Also wishing Tony luck are some of Hollywood's biggest stars, including JIMMY FALLON, NICK LACHEY, the "AMERICAN IDOL" judges and many more. Ellen has a few big surprises for Tony… and a MAJOR surprise for the entire studio audience and you!moreless

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  • This episode was a really fun and special episode.

    This was a brilliant episode all round, not least because it involved the fairwell of the clearly much loved DJ Tony.

    The reason I watched was Evangeline Lilly, who was beautiful and charismatic as ever. Every time I see her on tv, she just lights up the room. She just seems so down to earth on top of all that.

    Tony's farewell contained lots of laughing about previous shows and a few tears too. In true Ellen style, she gave away some gorgeous things to her guests...and to Tony

    Its not hard to see that he will be missed dearly.moreless

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    • Ellen: Was it the first time that you were here? Or was it the last time?
      Evangeline Lilly: It was the first time.
      Ellen: Yeah, you know where I'm going with this. You have such a bad driving record, we thought that we would test you. (looking at the clip) Look. Look, at you running into…and into the set. And we still have---get a shot of that set right now, it's still there, it's still damaged. That, that right there, that's from you. How's it goin'…any accidents lately?
      Evangeline Lilly: Uh…
      Ellen: Yes, right?
      Evangeline Lilly: I wish I could say no. It was only what? A few months ago that I was on your set destroying with a vehicle. And it was actually on my set this time that I accidentally drove my roommates into the craft service's truck.
      Ellen: Well, I hope it was accidentally, that would be horrible if you did it on purpose.
      Evangeline Lilly: She was in the car with me so I should hope it was accidental.
      Ellen: Wh--what, you drove it into the caterer's truck?
      Evangeline Lilly: Into the caterer's truck. I was coming onto the set, and it was early in the morning, and it was really dark, and I was tired.
      Ellen: Well, it sounds like you have all the reason in the world. (audience laughs) All those alone.
      Evangeline Lilly: Those circumstances, who could have missed that truck.
      Ellen: Yeah, well what, you went into it?
      Evangeline Lilly: Well, I kinda just grazed it with the side of her truck, so the white paint from the craft service's truck it just added to the silver of my roommates truck. So, it's just sorta like a splash of love from me.
      Ellen: A splash of love. It's a wonderful way---next time you hit somebody tell 'em that I--(audience laughs) You're welcome, drive away. No need to exchange insurance. I think, if I'm adding correctly that that's ten accidents that you've been in.
      Evageline Lilly: I think it's nine, c'mon now, don't push it. I think that's nine.
      Ellen: And including this…(points towards the damage she caused on the set)
      Evangeline Lilly: Oh, ten. Does this count though? I wasn't on a road.
      Ellen: Yes. It was a car and there's damage.
      Evangeline Lilly: It was like 10 thousand dollar damage, wasn't it?
      Ellen: Yes, of which you never paid. (audience laughs)
      Evangeline Lilly: No. But I'm back here right?
      Ellen: Yeah, you are.
      Evangeline Lilly: Okay, I'll work it off.

    • (On her show, 2006)
      Evangeline Lilly (describing what her job was to do on big oil rigs): I had to climb under the truck and grease the nipples. (starts laughing)
      Ellen: This is a daytime show. (audience laughs)
      Evangeline Lilly (laughs): It's a professional term.
      Ellen: Yeah, yeah. No I hear it all the time. (everyone laughs, Ellen tries to keep from laughing) Hey, look! Here's People magazine. (everyone laughs)

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