The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Season 2 Episode 13

Gwyneth Paltrow/Mark McGrath/Brian Wilson

Aired Weekdays Sep 22, 2004 on NBC



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    • Ellen: And last time you were here also, we gave you the baby carriage--the pram. Did you like it?
      Gwyneth: Oh, yeah it's so cool. Do I like it? I love it.
      Ellen: Really?
      Gwyneth: It's gorgeous. It's like a Rolls-Royce.
      Ellen: That's what I heard.
      Gwyneth: I love it so much.
      Ellen: So do you use it a lot? Is it something that you use often?
      Gwyneth: Yeah. It's gorgeous.
      Ellen: Really?
      Gwyneth: Yeah.
      Ellen: What's interesting about that Gwyneth is we've never seen a picture taken of you with it. Here's one picture, that was taken , by the paparazzi. (shows picture, and Gwyneth has a different baby carriage than the one Ellen gave her) Here's another one. (shows a different picture, still Gwyneth doesn't have Ellen's carriage) No, no, that's a different picture, different outfit, same---not ours. (shows another picture without Gwyneth using the baby carriage) Here's another one.
      Gwyneth: Well, that's in New York.
      Ellen: I'm just sayin' where is it?! (audience laughs)
      Gwyneth (laughs): Okay, this is what happened, okay? It got delivered to London…
      Ellen: Yeah?
      Gwyneth: …it wasn't put together in the box, obviously 'cause it's huge. So my assistant was putting it together, and as she was pushing it though the park, the screw---she didn't screw it in right, and the screw fell out of the thing--
      Ellen: With the baby in it?
      Gwyneth: No, the baby was not in it.
      Ellen: well, why are you pushing it without a baby. (audience and Gwyneth laugh)
      Gwyneth: Because---
      Ellen: This is a---liar! (Gwyneth and the audience laugh) Your whole stories a lie.
      Gwyneth (laughing): No, I swear. She was pushing it from her office to my house which is a 10 minute walk because she assembled it at her house. I mean in her office---
      Ellen: Oh! (Ellen and audience laugh)
      Gwyneth: Anyway, it now works and it's perfect. And you are gonna see many photos of me walking that thing.
      Ellen: Gimme my pram back! (everyone laughs)

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