The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Season 4 Episode 11

Julia Louis-Dreyfus/Bradley Whitford/Dilanna

Aired Weekdays Sep 18, 2006 on NBC

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  • Old Christine's Ego

    I love watching "The Ellen DeGenese Show," but her guest is Julia Louis-Drefus, is my least favorite guest. She came on the show continuing to drag the Emmy she won for "The New Adventures of Old Christine." I wish someone in the audience would shout-out,"Lauren Graham was robbed!" She said, she was injured by her Emmy. Too Bad. I wish Lauren Graham was nominated for "the Gilmore Girls" instead of Louis-Drefus. I can recall Louis-Drefus reading the nomimnation of the Emmys, then her name came up and she was surprise. Yeah, she got nominated because her show was on CBS. She brough her Emmy on the show to show off, as if she's got a big ego problem. I don't watch "The New Adventures of Old Christine," and I don't intend to watch it anytime soon.
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