The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Season 2 Episode 136

Queen Latifah/Tim Daly

Aired Weekdays Apr 04, 2005 on NBC

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  • Queen Latifah and Tim Daly appear. The audience is given the movie Sideways and an IPod Shuffle.

    I was at the taping of this episode and it was such a wonderful experience. Although we only got to see part of the show, because only Tim Daly appeared, it was still fun to see Ellen in person. The best part was that everyone got an IPOD! Ellen said that a schedule conflict was the reason Queen Latifah appeared at a later date, which is why we all got some great gifts. It was interesting to see how much the editors showed compared to what they taped. Parts of the interview with Tim Daly and Ellen's interaction with the audience was cut out of the show...I'm sure it was just because of time constraints.