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  • Hilarious.

    This show is fantastic. I love the dancing that starts the show. Its just a whole lot of fun to watch. I was watching the other day and Ellen was talking about how her show is shown in Australia now, (self confessed Australian...) and it was so funny just watching her try and talk Aussie Slang.. She used words ive never even heard before. I was laughing out loud the whole time.
    I love the set and the audience interaction, its so modern and fun. Its like Rove, but for Day Time, and American. The monolouge and the Dj are so much fun to watch, and so is this whole show.
  • A funny, upbeat, refreshing change of pace. Not too serious ala Oprah. Not too redundant, ala Maury. Not too egotistical, ala tyra. Not too holy, ala Montell. Not too trashy, ala Jerry. A class all of her own.

    The in-house d.j spins some dance music, and out bounds a smiling ball of fire...Greeting the crowd, with a "right back at ya" for the applause they are bestowing upon her. After her monologue about life in general, she strikes up the d.j once more, and dances her way through the audience, high fiving, and random hugging the participants. Occaionally, she will grab a purse, and empty out the contents on stage, pretty funny, unless it is YOUR purse. A welcome replacement for Rosies departure, one that I thought could be filled. Rosie broke my heart when she walked off the show, and let caroline rhea sink it in a matter of a YEAR. Not that she didnt try, but I dont think she tried hard enough. Too much whining abd crying about how she had no children, or comitted relationship. Justa boring crush on that chris botti fellow, yawnfest...No wonder it drowned. Ellen lets you in on a few little secrets, not every time she gets a hangnail it is a half hour topic. She raises money for those in need, and donates on her own. Her interviews are not intrusive, so that the guest isnt uncomfortable, and therefore, they do not clam up, and refuse to answer any thing, instead they warm right up, and chat away. If you havent tuned in, try it out, well worth your hour.
  • She always give me a laugh.

    I love that Ellen does the most mundane things and makes them hilarious. She really knows how to get her audience going and into the show as well. I sent her a couple of pictures for the Pet Photo and terrible class photo. I didn't catch them on the air which makes me think there were some ridiculous entries. My wife and I spend our days at home working from our home office and any chance we get, we'll switch Ellen on in the morning. I've got to say we're big fans and wish her all the success in the world. Keep up the great work, Ellen.
  • The Ellen show is laugh-out-loud funny! Ellen takes comedy to a personal level. Absolutely irresistable fun everytime I watch the show. I would imagine everyone in the world wants Ellen for a next-door neighbor!

    Ellen Degeneres is quite possibly the funniest woman on the planet. Her show captures audiences with its off-the-wall humor, blended nicely with her down to earth funny style. She exposes everyday things that happen to all of us as the truly humorous material that it is. Aside from her way of making us all realize that we should absolutely laugh at ourselves every chance we get, her girl-next-door nature is a step toward the open mindedness that we all need to acquire. Ellen, if it weren't for this country's misgivings...would be the next "America's Sweetheart". Just as a last tidbit..."Finding Nemo" never would have been a funny movie without her voice as one of the main characters. She's a genius...and Fox is lucky to have her.
  • Eleen is such a good laugh!!!!

    This is such a great show!!!! I never knew she was so funny!! Nothing like getting a really good laugh first thing in the morning. I never knew what I was missing. I can't wait to watch more of her shows. Not only is she funny but seems to be a loving caring lady. She really seems to reach out to help others. We need more people in this world like her.
  • I love Ellens Show She's quick and witty. I live in Detroit and as you know the Superbowl is in Feb. I would love to be a special reporter for the Ellen Show. Let me know !

    I love the Ellen Show it's really great. Ellen seems like a down to earth person that you could talk to. Like a best friend. My dog's curl up in front of the tv everyday at 4:00 and can't wait till it comes on. I also like her Mother, I think that it"s great that she has been albe to be part of her Daughters show.
  • Thank goodness for Ellen... my new best friend.

    Ok, I admit it. I used to be addicted to Oprah. But have you noticed that most of Oprahs shows now are total downers or repeats of total downers. In a world full of negativity in the news and on most talk shows ELLEN is a breath of fresh air. Ellen gives us a reason to smile and of course, to dance. Now, when I used to flip to Oprah I swing on over to Ellen. Her show is always upbeat even when she is introducing us to a new cause. She may not have been around as long as Oprah or have her jounalism background but Ellen got it right. She is my new best friend!
  • The queen of talk show hosts.

    Ellen is one of the most likeable women on daytime television. She appears "real," engaging, innovative and always very funny. Her interaction with the audience is marvelous and the unpredictability adds to the fun.

    Where Oprah's interactions with her audience, while no doubt sincere, come off as self-aggrandizing, Ellen's seem to have more sincere, less irritating motives.

    Her guests are funny and there seems to be a real warmth and friendship between her and many of them.

    The phone to the audience are wonderful and I love how she truly engages everyone in the show. You truly never know when Ellen is going to turn up on your doorstep or call you on the telephone.

    I have been watching daytime talk shows for decades and Ellen is the freshest, most likeable show I've ever seen.
  • Ellen is the most funniest talk show on daytime t.v. She is great.

    I love the Ellen show. The dancing is fun to watch and she keeps me laughing.I never miss an episode. I love her sense of humor. Ellen also has great guests and her show is never boring.This show is one of the best. I hope her show never gets cancelled.
  • Trying to find specific information. Please read review as I could not find an email address.

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  • ellen keeps you on your toes.

    Today day show was the 9th in the 12 days giveaway. Ellen always has great guest. She alway making you laugh. Today she has had Jim Cary, the Snowman with gifts, And Bo Bise. He is so fine. With Ellen you never know what will happen next. After watching her show you always end up with a up beat attitude, it away make my day better. She always popular stars. And with the music and seeing her dancing, it make you want to get up and dance with her. I watch her every day and will keep watching her every day. If I am in the middle of house work I will stop cleaning to watch her.

    Thank you very much,
  • I watch Ellen every day, and I think she is fabulous. I want to win 1 of the diamond necklaces Ellen is giving to home viewers, on the show that aired on NBC December 12, 2005, so I logged on to her website immediately. Thank You Ellen D

    I always watch Ellen on NBC every evening and later at night on the oxygen channel.Ellen told the home viewers today to log on to her website and some of us may be the lucky winner of a diamond necklace she is giving to home viewers today, december 12, 2005. Ellen makes me laugh a lot, I think she is very witty and I love her dancing. Ellen always has lots of neat people on her shows and of course I love to see all the audience reactions when she gives all those neat gifts to each person in her audience. I would love to attend one of her shows sometime in the near future, and then I would be one of the lucky people in the audience as well. THEN, I could tell all my friends I really did see Ellen Degeneres, and she really is as great in person as she is when I watch from my home.
  • new fave of mine

    I am not a big fan of talk shows, in fact I usually hate most of them. I started watching Ellen's talk show when I visited my parents. Now I watch it every chance I get. Ellen always seems to make me laugh and every little stupid thing. She seems to try so hard to have a decent show every single day. I think I like this show a lot because of all the little details. Every episode (or at least the ones I have seen) she dances in the beginning, she even dances with the audience and sometimes picks one person to come up and talk to her for a bit. I would tell anyone to give this show a chance, you might like it....a lot.
  • I would just love to say that when I'm home during the day (shift work), I try to never miss Ellen. She always makes me laugh or smile. She is down-to-earth, generous, and funny. Now if only I could find a guy like that!! Keep it up.

    I like that Ellen has every day people on. I love dancing and music, so that is a big draw. Hi Tony, he is hot!I know she is going to start travelling with the show throughout the US, any chance of coming up to Canada???WE LOVE YOU!! Ta for now
  • Fun to watch.

    No matter the mood I am in when I tune in to Ellen I get in a better mood. She is so full of energy and she always has good topics and guests. Ellen is a wonderful funny person and she makes people laugh to me that is just plain wonderful!
  • Dear Ellen! Congrats you are Great>I Tell my Friends? That you are like Oprah.You give everybody a chance no matter the Nationallity.If more People where like you? The World would be a better Place and it would be not in the Mess that it is in.Thank you f

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  • I classified the Ellen Degenere Show as a personal favorite because of the Sherri Shepherd Report. I look forward to watching this show every Friday.

    I generally don\'t watch talk shows. I have watched your show a few times. The times I have watched it, I enjoyed it. I start watching The Ellen Degenere Show on a regular basis when Sherri Shepherd start appearing every Friday. She is a very good comic and a beautiful person to see. She makes you laugh. She can lift up anyone\'s spirit if they are down. I was pleased to see her on the show with her new born child. You looked like a natural holding the baby. Please continue the Sherri report every Friday and I will continue to watch you on a regular basis, and not just on Friday's.
  • A good show.

    Its a funny show. its a great talk show.The gustes are great.ellan is a great host for the show.The music is cool.The adionce is always great.Its fun show.The show is ALWAYS good.The episodes are cool.THe show is great.Tony is a great dj.If you have the time watch it ok that
  • The talk show is probably one of the best that's out on the airwaves.

    'Ellen' is a guilty pleasure. I rarely watch it but, when I get the chance, it has never disappointed me. Ellen DeGeneres has a fun and vibrant personality and that carries over very well to the screen. She has a good variety of stars, most that appeal to all ages. It's actually the only talk show I enjoy watching. The talk show is probably one of the best that's out on the airwaves. I hope the show continues to prosper and DeGeneres doesn't lose her touch with making me laugh. NBC really made a good pick and produced an enjoyable show.
  • You gotta love her humor! She always makes me smiles.

    I love Ellen. She is so funny! She always leaves me with a smile...I don't watch her consistanly, but I occasionally. It's a great show. She does kind of annoy me at some times...I dunno why, she just does. Like at the time when everyone claps and she goes 'ki ki ki'. You watchers know what I am talking about. Yeah, that really annoys me.
  • Ellen Rocks!

    This Show is awesome. Everything about this show rocks. Ellen, the guests, the music, the dancing and all her quarky games are cool. This show deserves all the emmys it got. Not only is Ellen funny but she is generous too. If you need to be cheered up then this is the show to watch. It's the happiest show on earth.
  • There is nothing to say,Ellen just has to be her self and the show will continue for sometime,What else, she is the one and the only one,and will do good in everything she does. Ellen is the lady of any show,there is not another show that can conpete to h

    So what more can you say about the Ellen Degeneres,I could go on and on and say a bunch of good stuff, but I think I have said all I need to up in the first box, so tell her to keep it up she dosn\'t have to change anything.
    The only thing else I would have her to let everyone know what station she gos to next, it was hard to find her this last time, several shows in advance.
  • The Ellen DeGeneres is a talkshow hosted by Ellen. She has guesses and interviews with different celebrates.

    I love the Ellen DeGenerse Show soo much. I love Ellen. I think that she is really funny and has a really good personility. I think that is why I watch her show. At the beginning f each show she dances and has so much fun with her guesses and the audience. I think that she has a good heart. I have miss the last few episodes. But, I know that they were good.
  • I love Ellen,she is great even my 17 month old daughter loves her.When Ellen dance's my daughter does too.We watch her everyday,she is the greatest.I hope she stays on the air for a long time.She is so funny,she makes us all laugh.Ellen comes out,she clap

    I love Ellen,she is great,even my 17 month old daughter loves her.When Ellen dances my daughter does too.We watch her everyday,she is the greatest.I hope she stays on the air for a long time. She is so funny,she makes us all laugh.When Ellen comes out my daugher starts to dance.
  • i love ellen. period.

    If you don't love Ellen, you are unholy and deserve to lose your keys alot more than you already do. Almost everytime I watch, I wonder if people on the street can see in my house. And if they could would they stare at me while I hugged my tv or would they just shake their head and walk on? Whenever Ellen makes me smile that smile, an almosty joyishly-tearful smile, I remember what love feels like.
  • the best show on earth

    talk show host ellen degeneres makes us all feel welcome in her own talk show. No matter whether you hate her her love her, you will always love her talk show. its just soo cooooollll....i think that she is fabulous and a bonus that she is dating an aussie( ms portia de rossi)
  • One of my favorite talk shows. She is so funny. Her jokes are non stop.

    Ellen deserves an award. Her show is so funny. I love everything that she does on there. I always watch it after school. Day time television is better because of her. The games she plays on are so fun to do and watch. I like that she dances eveyday too.
  • the best daytime talkshow ever !!!

    if your ever in Burbank. go and see a taping of Ellen. She's awsome. You can get presents and in every comercial you can dance how much you like. and Ellen dances too.. :) don't miss the chance to see the most awsomesed show on daytime TV show history,.. ;)
  • Ellen DeGeneres is a really enjoyable talk-show personality that brings her own special funny quirks into her opening monolonque and interactions with guest, both famous and not-so-famous except for being with Ellen on her show.

    In the beginning, let me bring up the subject of Ellen's publically know sexual orietation. That subject, IMO, doesn't have anything to do with the Ellen's talk show. Ellen is funny both with her opening monologue, her interactions with both her viewing and studio auduince, and the both her more well-known and just for the show guest interviews. On her show she does not flaunt her sexual orintation by curbing any inner thoughts about prefence for woman by going with the main stream with her comments about men.
    Ellen DeGeneres is a enjoyable talk show with frequent perks that make the show worthwhile even when showing reruns.
  • The ellen DeGeneres show is my favorite show!! Ellen is so funny and whats not to like? I love it i watch it at least 5 times a day!!!!!! if i dont record ellen i go CRAZY!!!!

    the ellen degeneres show is my all time favorite show!! i started watching it this summer and i am so addicted to it!! the show starts out when she does somethimg funny in her dressing room then she walks out and does her monologue which is hilarious! then she dances then she talks about who will be on the show and then she shows stuff people send in and then there is a commercial and then she always says something funny and then she interviewds celebrities and hosts musical performances. then before u know it its time to go that is the saddest part
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