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  • Dear Ellen! Congrats you are Great>I Tell my Friends? That you are like Oprah.You give everybody a chance no matter the Nationallity.If more People where like you? The World would be a better Place and it would be not in the Mess that it is in.Thank you f

    Hello Ellen! I watch your Show every Chance I get.Since I have no Cable anymore it is not Easy.I became Disabled 7 Months ago and my Husband had too quit his Job too Help me here at Home.I had worked for a Medical Professor for over 5 Years and when I became Sick? and asked for Help ? I lost my job and been since then Diganosed with 3 Cysts in my Body and need Surgery but cant get any Help here in Canada.,even my Doctor ,wrote too the Government and the Dutch Consulate(since I am Dutch and have the Resiedents Status here in Canada.That was 7 Months ago and I have Sold my car and life Insurance too Survive but I am getting low and I need too go too Holland too get the Surgery( they have the best Hospital that Specialise in the Kidney Area )I have Bob and Damion too Help me Sell everything that I own an E-bay so that I get the Moeny to Fly next Week but the Sales take Time and I am Running out of Time ,since I have the Cysts in my Body and they are Growing,they where 7.2cm in my left Leg 7 Months ago and I have 2 smaler ones in my Kidney 1 was 3.2 cm and the other 2.3cm.The Pain is getting Worse by the Day one Day I can Dance and the Other I just Collapse and cant get up.This will be a chance in a Million since I know you don`t have much Time too your even had too Think? wich Party too go to as you where Saying the other Day.But I am Hopping against all Hope that you will Read this and no of a Way too Help me.I wrote my Story on Ebay and a Buisness Men from the USA had contacted me and ask too Buy from me,wich I thought was so realy nice and kind of Him.Please Tell your Friends if they need too Buy a Present for Chrismas? please Buy it from Bob His Store is DropzoneAuction and His E=mail is or E-mail me at: or call me at: 1 416 767 3606 Thank you for Being you!If more People where Like YOU ?? the World would be a Better Place.Sincerely Ursula Ouellette Have a nice Day and Take care.You GO Girl.
  • I classified the Ellen Degenere Show as a personal favorite because of the Sherri Shepherd Report. I look forward to watching this show every Friday.

    I generally don\'t watch talk shows. I have watched your show a few times. The times I have watched it, I enjoyed it. I start watching The Ellen Degenere Show on a regular basis when Sherri Shepherd start appearing every Friday. She is a very good comic and a beautiful person to see. She makes you laugh. She can lift up anyone\'s spirit if they are down. I was pleased to see her on the show with her new born child. You looked like a natural holding the baby. Please continue the Sherri report every Friday and I will continue to watch you on a regular basis, and not just on Friday's.
  • A good show.

    Its a funny show. its a great talk show.The gustes are great.ellan is a great host for the show.The music is cool.The adionce is always great.Its fun show.The show is ALWAYS good.The episodes are cool.THe show is great.Tony is a great dj.If you have the time watch it ok that
  • The talk show is probably one of the best that's out on the airwaves.

    'Ellen' is a guilty pleasure. I rarely watch it but, when I get the chance, it has never disappointed me. Ellen DeGeneres has a fun and vibrant personality and that carries over very well to the screen. She has a good variety of stars, most that appeal to all ages. It's actually the only talk show I enjoy watching. The talk show is probably one of the best that's out on the airwaves. I hope the show continues to prosper and DeGeneres doesn't lose her touch with making me laugh. NBC really made a good pick and produced an enjoyable show.
  • You gotta love her humor! She always makes me smiles.

    I love Ellen. She is so funny! She always leaves me with a smile...I don't watch her consistanly, but I occasionally. It's a great show. She does kind of annoy me at some times...I dunno why, she just does. Like at the time when everyone claps and she goes 'ki ki ki'. You watchers know what I am talking about. Yeah, that really annoys me.
  • Ellen Rocks!

    This Show is awesome. Everything about this show rocks. Ellen, the guests, the music, the dancing and all her quarky games are cool. This show deserves all the emmys it got. Not only is Ellen funny but she is generous too. If you need to be cheered up then this is the show to watch. It's the happiest show on earth.
  • There is nothing to say,Ellen just has to be her self and the show will continue for sometime,What else, she is the one and the only one,and will do good in everything she does. Ellen is the lady of any show,there is not another show that can conpete to h

    So what more can you say about the Ellen Degeneres,I could go on and on and say a bunch of good stuff, but I think I have said all I need to up in the first box, so tell her to keep it up she dosn\'t have to change anything.
    The only thing else I would have her to let everyone know what station she gos to next, it was hard to find her this last time, several shows in advance.
  • The Ellen DeGeneres is a talkshow hosted by Ellen. She has guesses and interviews with different celebrates.

    I love the Ellen DeGenerse Show soo much. I love Ellen. I think that she is really funny and has a really good personility. I think that is why I watch her show. At the beginning f each show she dances and has so much fun with her guesses and the audience. I think that she has a good heart. I have miss the last few episodes. But, I know that they were good.
  • I love Ellen,she is great even my 17 month old daughter loves her.When Ellen dance's my daughter does too.We watch her everyday,she is the greatest.I hope she stays on the air for a long time.She is so funny,she makes us all laugh.Ellen comes out,she clap

    I love Ellen,she is great,even my 17 month old daughter loves her.When Ellen dances my daughter does too.We watch her everyday,she is the greatest.I hope she stays on the air for a long time. She is so funny,she makes us all laugh.When Ellen comes out my daugher starts to dance.
  • i love ellen. period.

    If you don't love Ellen, you are unholy and deserve to lose your keys alot more than you already do. Almost everytime I watch, I wonder if people on the street can see in my house. And if they could would they stare at me while I hugged my tv or would they just shake their head and walk on? Whenever Ellen makes me smile that smile, an almosty joyishly-tearful smile, I remember what love feels like.
  • the best show on earth

    talk show host ellen degeneres makes us all feel welcome in her own talk show. No matter whether you hate her her love her, you will always love her talk show. its just soo cooooollll....i think that she is fabulous and a bonus that she is dating an aussie( ms portia de rossi)
  • One of my favorite talk shows. She is so funny. Her jokes are non stop.

    Ellen deserves an award. Her show is so funny. I love everything that she does on there. I always watch it after school. Day time television is better because of her. The games she plays on are so fun to do and watch. I like that she dances eveyday too.
  • the best daytime talkshow ever !!!

    if your ever in Burbank. go and see a taping of Ellen. She's awsome. You can get presents and in every comercial you can dance how much you like. and Ellen dances too.. :) don't miss the chance to see the most awsomesed show on daytime TV show history,.. ;)
  • Ellen DeGeneres is a really enjoyable talk-show personality that brings her own special funny quirks into her opening monolonque and interactions with guest, both famous and not-so-famous except for being with Ellen on her show.

    In the beginning, let me bring up the subject of Ellen's publically know sexual orietation. That subject, IMO, doesn't have anything to do with the Ellen's talk show. Ellen is funny both with her opening monologue, her interactions with both her viewing and studio auduince, and the both her more well-known and just for the show guest interviews. On her show she does not flaunt her sexual orintation by curbing any inner thoughts about prefence for woman by going with the main stream with her comments about men.
    Ellen DeGeneres is a enjoyable talk show with frequent perks that make the show worthwhile even when showing reruns.
  • The ellen DeGeneres show is my favorite show!! Ellen is so funny and whats not to like? I love it i watch it at least 5 times a day!!!!!! if i dont record ellen i go CRAZY!!!!

    the ellen degeneres show is my all time favorite show!! i started watching it this summer and i am so addicted to it!! the show starts out when she does somethimg funny in her dressing room then she walks out and does her monologue which is hilarious! then she dances then she talks about who will be on the show and then she shows stuff people send in and then there is a commercial and then she always says something funny and then she interviewds celebrities and hosts musical performances. then before u know it its time to go that is the saddest part
  • I get such an ab workout watching Ellen

    After watching Ellen since it began I should have six-pack abs from all the laughing that I do. Ellen is a great comedian and the monologue at the beginning of the show is always better than most comedians could ever hope to write. Her dancing is great and the segments they do, especially with Housten, are hilarious. I love Ellen and The Ellen Degeneres Show is my favorite talk show of all time. Definately a daily fix.
  • Totally worth while

    Ellen is so awesome, I love her show. I think she is so funny and her dancing too, hehehe. Dude, I really hate oparah and her attitude, gosh... just watch Ellen, way better than Oparah, yep. Plus, Oparah kind of scares me... she\'s kind of.... creepy

    Watch Ellen, I Order You!... LOL
  • The best talk shows out there..

    The Ellen DeGeneres Show is probably the best talk show on TV today. You can tell how much fun she has doing it and she filled the void left by The Rosie O'Donnell Show. You gotta love her dancing all the time, alone or with the audience. Her monologues are some of the best out there, probably because she's such a great comedienne. All the guest seem to be having a great time as evident by how many of them seem to return. It's not just the celebrity guests. She can make even the most ordinary people into celebs, remember Kitty the lady who thought all the music was too loud? A great upbeat show that should be around for years to come. May many more Emmys come your way, Ellen!
  • One spectacular pick-me-up.

    Just the fact that the host is Ellen DeGeneres should pull you in to watch this show. No matter who the guests are, it's hilarious to watch her for an hour, five days a week. Her monologues are great, and the dancing is always fun to watch. I love watching Ellen every day. It's a great pick-me-up.
  • One of the greatest and funniest day-time talk shows on television!

    Ellen Degenerous made a great decision when she decided to make her own talk show. Every day is filled with her funky dance moves and an awesome celebrity line-up. It's a shame that I only get to watch her show when I am on vacation because at 10 o'clock in the morning she really jump starts your day with a laughter-packed episode. This show is an idol for other talk shows.
  • She is hilarious I cant stand it cant breathe laughing to much.

    As i said in my first thing it is hilarious. It is a mix of comedy gameshow dancing and guest show. So it is the best show on Earth. She is the funniest person on earth Heck the funiest person in the universe. If she is any funnier She would be breaking the law. Oh and she also dose give aways.
  • Ok so this female talk show host goes on tv every morning around 11am eastern time, Talks with celebes, And her name is Ellen

    I love this show. This show is so funny, I laugh everytime when watching her. Ellen is hilarious. I love how she clowns around bu jumping on the couches all the time, Gets up and dances. I love her dance moves. This show is the greatest talk show during the morning.
  • Daily 60 minute talk show feathering awesome gusts wonderful dancing and side splitting comedy. and its ever day.

    The Ellen DeGeneras show Wow its Fantastic there’s not much to say except it’s fantastic the comedy the dancing the DJ (Tony) and the awesome gusts I haven’t missed a day since it first aired friends think I am crazy I don’t think so. If you have ever scene a comedy special a interview you will appreciate even more and it better run for ever and for always.
  • Ellen has a variety of guests on her show and it is always entertaining. She makes me laugh.

    I like watching the show. Ellen always makes it interesting and seems to be a very generous person. Although she is gay, she does have a heart. I like when she gets her mother involved in the show. The only thing that should change is when she does stupid things or has people do stupid things. That is when I change the channel.
  • lol...ha ha ha..ellen is halarious.

    9.9 Ellen is halarious. she is constantly crackin me up. love her humor. off the wall, spur of the moment, quick whitted humor. friends say i have the same type of humor.. but i am no Ellen.. but, just for them to say that much, is a compliment. she is great, if i ever down just turn on her show. i know i will be gaurenteed a good laugh. i love how she just calls people up, can u imagine sittin at home and all of sudden phone rings, u pick it up and it's and where does she get all that energy, lol. she's a dancing machine. hope she doesnt throw a hip out one of these days. anyway, ever need a good laugh u cant go wrong with ellen.
  • The funniest day time show in a LONG time.

    This show is absolutely hilarious. Ellen Degeneres is such a trendsetter. Just about everything about her show is unique and fit to her personality. Her monologues are about random topics like spiders instead of the world news, brilliant. Her dancing before her interviews, brilliant. Her guests, brilliant. Her segments, brilliant. The show is just brilliant. She is one of the only people that can have me laughing out loud. That is an accomplishment. I'm glad NBC is putting all of their promotional power behind this one, I think she'll stick around for as long as Leno or Letterman! WE LOVE ELLEN!
  • This show is about Ellen and she has lots of great ideas on how to make people laugh and feel good about themselves. She loves dancing, and always has a dance during the show, it\'s fun to watch! She tells you about lots of interesting things going on as

    I think that this is a great show, and one of the funniest talk shows that we have had in a long time! She has a lot of great information, and doesnt deliver it in a boring way, but in a hilarious way. She\'s so comical, always cheers me up!
  • Ouch. Stop. I'm laughing to much it hurts!

    Ellen is great. She loves what she does and she does it great. For a woman who can be in the mood to dance in front of an audience everyday and not get sick of it, is a hero to me. My favorite type of humor is the humor she provides to the viewers. She says what I think sometimes and isn't afraid of what people think. Outstanding show, I hope the series goes on for years.
  • Ellen is the the most hilarious talk show host ever! Oh, heck, she's the most hilarious person ever!

    The Ellen DeGeneres show is by far the funniest talk show! I can't even believe some of the hilarious stuff they come up with! I LOVE it when Ellen brings in her huge purse to put a huge check in! The show completely deserves all the Emmys it's won! The only reason I don't give it a 10 is because a lot of the guests on the show bore me and I wish they'd spend more time on just Ellen being her funny self =)
  • The Ellen DeGeneres Show features a unique mix of celebrity interviews, chart-topping and up-and-coming musical performers, audience participation games, and segments spotlighting real people with extraordinary stories and talents host by Ellen DeGeneres

    This show has become one of my favorie talk shows on today. Unlike some of those other talk shows, this one doesn't deal with family problems or realationship problems, its always about having fun. This show is one of the few that can make you laugh on a daily basis. The guests are always entertaining and the host is one of the funniest people alive.
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