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  • HEY ellen!!!

    hey my name is Courtney im 14 I watch your show all the time you realy make me laugh the 3rd time I watched your show I went to the mental health doctors and I got dignoesed with depression I just want to thank you for bringing a smile to my ellen

    hi my name is debbie im a mother of 2 i have alot of medical issues i'll be 49 on wednesday 14th my husband is disanled i've been in and out of hospital for kidney problems i'm diabetic severly my car quit and we had filed bankruptcy 3 yrs ago because of a major surgery i had got us way behind noone would finance us we finally got a car and now we are gonna loose it because of more medical bills we go to court for bills on the 27th and many more to follow i have insurance thru my work but its not enough but my biggest problem is letting my girls down they are 17 and 14 i desperately need to get them clothes and shoes for school and cannot i even had to borrow money for my daughters b-day just to have few friends over and get pizza for them. my oldest has gotten a job at arbys just to keep her car going and pay for all the senior stuff for school so she doesnt have to ask me and she is a honors student and juggles work and school just for me so i will stress less. I JUST CANNOT TAKE IT ANYMORE ELLEN!!! i cannot find a way out i'm so ready to give up i had total knee replacement 2 yrs ago so between that and my diabetes my debt never ends !!!! my kidneys are failing urine spilling into them cannot get weight off i lost aprox 100 pounds after my youngest was born now gaining it back skin hangs over causing raw painful irritation i just am at my end of the rope ready to tell all of them come get everything and stop seeing doctors i have been to probly 10 different doctors specialist in the last yr. THANKS FOR LISTENING YOU HAVE MADE ME SMILE MANY TIMES B4 THANKS AGIN

  • Hello Ellen

    I just want to tell your that I just Love your show im disable and all I do is plays games on my computer,well im not smart at all on this computer but I finnaly founf your sight im so happy Bless you Ellen you a
  • RIP Thailia

    Dear Ellen, I just wanted to give you and your staff my condolences on the passing of this beautiful angel. I saw her many times on your show and how you made her so happy. Thank you over and over again for giving that joy. Pat
  • to ellen for help

    i am watching your show 6-27-13 and I seen where you had helped a family that had sent a video about needing help. I am a 54 old grandma that is trying to keep her grandson and her from being homeless. His mother left him on May 27th due to drug addiction. and I have went to court and got tempary cousty but now my son who has been trying to help is unable. i get food stamps and i am unemployed and i am just trying to get help on my back rent of $1700.00 and my july bills that total about $650.00 so we are not on the street. I am sure you get this every day,but i thought i would give it a shot. thanks if you do read this
  • I love you :)

    I love Ellen. I watch her show every single day! She is so funny, kind and caring. The way she helps those in need totally melts my heart. She plays the most creative games as well. She seems like such a fun person to be around. Definitely feel very entertained while watching the show. 10 seasons! Keep it up Ellen :)
  • Ellen's awesome

    I lobe the show I've always been a fan
  • Hey Ellen just wondering if number 5 pic is you (lol)

    20-horrible-prom-dresses-3692/20-horrible-prom-dresses/. sincerely a true fan.
  • my 4 yrs old kid

    Good day ms. ELLEN this is my son NHIKZY VHEENCH CALMA & he is 4 yrs old and he really wants to show his talent on your thank you so much.....



  • Make my dream come true

    Ellen I want to be in your show, help me to be THERE!! Your show it's so unbelievable
  • Hello a heart for a lovely single mother of three!!

    Gosh Ellen, there wouldn't be anymore home makeovers. I have a medical condition called Spinal Stenios, along with what a super car wreck did to me. Oh and I can't forget that sweat, oops meant sweet post-menopause, blah. It's been two years since my car accident, so between the pain meds and the pain and side effects from the lookin up. Until Saturday and realized it was a dream, I had won some of the lottery. Just enough to do a little fixing up. Nothing fancy. But the real true reason is that I will have to lease my house(which needs the three boys tracks removed), in order to be forced to leave the area for any hope of a life again, which I have so much to give and desire to help those less fortunately than even myself.

    Just another reason I love ya so helping others!! You Go girl!!


    Joretta Fullington
  • Clementine2, DUH! & Zoomies!!!

    Clementine2, you do realize the woman she did that 2 was not really is part of her crew that does goofy stuff for her. Also i am new & can't find how to post here's a link if some1 knows how to & thx 5jos0fsg
  • Ellen is an idiot

    What part of pouring juice all over the face of a pregnant woman is supposed to be funny? It's not, it's just humiliating and junvenile. Ellen is a very generous person, but she needs to grow up when it comes to embarassing other people.
  • Lucky Mom's to Be

    Dear Ellen...

    I was just sitting here and watching your Mother's Day 2013 show. I am so envious of all those Mom's to Be that were in your audience and receiving all those fantastic things for themselves and new babies. Makes me wish I lived in the states and was on your show. Unfortunately, you didn't have a show when I had my baby almost 26 years ago. I must say, some of those gifts are absolutely fantastic. I especially liked that seat that moves and rocks the baby as if you were holding them and rocking them. Those Mom's who end up with a baby that is colicy and fussing alot will surely enjoy having that seat. I could have used that when my Son was three months old. I'll have to check your website to get the name of it and where it can be bought because one day I'm sure my Son will have a baby and that will be something I will buy it for sure.

    wanted to tell you what a fantastic job you do and how much I enjoy watching your show every day because it is always a "Feel Good Show" and you are a fantastic host!!

    Thanks in Canada you make us smile and laugh daily.


    Joan Elliott
  • So Far Away

    Ellen! Oh Wow I really have had a hard time sending you a message. I'm not very good at the computer thing. Anyway I Love your show so much if anybody is talking in the room while I am watching your show I turn the . very loud, funny thing they just talk louder it cracks me up. Some day My Grand Daughter Maya and I are coming to see you she is 8. You truly are the funniest person I know you make life LIGHTER! You just crack me up! We Love You!
  • THank You ELLEN!

    Ellen! You make our everyday better! I get up early in the . and get everyone off to where they need to be and well, I now record ur show and am one day behind due to a schedule change in the time ur show comes on here in Detroit. I couldn't let that change effect the way I start my day. I watch ur show after everyone leaves! Laugh so hard while I drink my coffee and then jump in the shower with a smile on my face and I try to spread that positive energy like a disease wherever I go! ;) again! thank you for being you. Being on ur show seems impossible, however, I beleive in no such word! So don't know when but I will see you soon! #keepnthefaith
  • Hello how are you Ellen


    I'm a inventor and I'm seeking backer's to get a lot of my Idea's up and running.

    I have seen you 3 letter now.

    I sent in the mail to your stuido in berbaink ca

    but if you like i'll send a nothe sorry for puting this here 864 324 3940 I'm StChristopher.
  • Children with Autism

    Ellen, my name is Shaunta and I need you to do a research or a show on children that has autism. We need more people to talk on this situation and do a research on how to handle children with autism?. Please respond back Ellen. I really need your help
  • Keeping me alive

    Thank you Ellen for giving me that one hour a day to laugh and forget all my worries. I truly believe that if this world had more people like you in it, There would be nothing but peace and happiness everywhere. You give give me a reason to hang in there and have hope even on my darkest days. Thank You!

    go to youtube and watch this video! he is an amazing athlete and an amazing young man. he needs you ellen! please watch the video. everyone please watch his video.

    He is my son. I know your saying another mom boasting about her kid. but im not. he is not just another young man trying to break into the NFL. he deserves this chance. he has this charisma that when you meet him you just want to be his friend. but its his determination his passion that makes him different. he isn't like most athletes looking for fame and money. he really loves to play. ellen please just watch his videos. give him a chance please. I love my son with everything inside me, he has worked so hard and pushed through so many barriers to get this far. he needs your help. he is exactly what the NFL needs right now. he is all about the game. thank you for reading and watching ellen. (gogayle85@yahoo,com)
  • Ellen

    about two months ago i was very sick in bed for five days and you had one of your favorit singers on. i didnt have any thing to write on. you said he was a cross between prince and james brown. i think his tight fitting outfit was purple. he was all over the stage and if i remember correctly his voice was a little and different. please email me if you can and let me know how he is.
  • A great story to share

    Debi said her son, Ricky Paynkewicz, loved nothing more than spending time with his children and two high school-aged nephews and playing basketball.

    She said he was popular and had a lot of friends. Paynkewicz was an 8-year veteran of ZXP Technologies where he was a supervisor. He died suddenly Feb. 13 from a ruptured aorta, just shy of year after his wife died in April 2012.

    Following the loss of Ricky, Debi and her husband, Robert, became the parents of his infant son, Mykail, and 6-year-old daughter, Nevaeh.

    "He was a good dad," Debi said. "His kids were the center of his life

    The Dukes are also primary caregivers for their other grandchildren, Devin, 15, and Richard, 14, since losing their daughter, Michelle, eight years ago.

    Since losing both of their children, Duke said she's grateful for the family she has.

    "The kids are spoiled, though Neveah continues to cry herself to sleep every night," Duke said. "She misses her daddy. She's definitely a daddy's little girl

    Duke said it's been an adjustment having the new members of the family in the house.

    "We grew from a family of four to a family of six," Duke said. "I have a newborn at 54 years old!"

    The Duke family continues to pay funeral expenses and is hoping to purchase a new, bigger car soon.

    Duke said it is hard to find words to express her gratitude toward her son's company and the out pour of family and friends. Mrs Duke is a breast cancer survivor of one year. So she has a lot on her plate right now
  • cuming to you all the way from new zealand.

    me and my partner watch your program all the time. we may be behind in time but still dont miss an episode. watched an episode were a guy had never been sick and then got told he had cancer. same thing happened to me. i had my beautiful son in december of 2011 and 4 weeks later i got flowen to chch hospital with a brain tuma. went into surgery and they removed most of it but now im left with c

    having cancer and have to get checked every year for regrowth. my son is now 16 months old. im just glad that i am able to spend time with my son and partner b4 anything bad happens. has the surgen said it could cum back anytime. we love your show. love all the guests and dancing. my son always dances with you on tv.

    LOVE your show, and even MORE I love to laugh. I can honestly say, i am a PRETTY convincing prankster and have gotten the one can tell w\hen I am serious or when I am joking and PLEEEEEEZE, let me have the PERFECT opportunity to get the last laugh in with have a PERFECT fool proof skit that would rock your show! If you want to have someone get ahold of me to discuss it, or even want some RISKY dares on video to me know. THANK YOU!
  • I love you

    Hey ELLEN i love your show i record it on my tv everyday so i dont miss it. You are one of the funniest people i know, your so great with people and have a great attitude. I admire you and look up to you cause i gay a 17 year old gay man and i get looked down on by everyone but you dont care what or who others love or what their life is like you dont judge. I love you for that i wish i could afford to come see your show but my mom is a single mother trying so hard to take care of me and my six year old sister. My mom never does anything for herself and i would love to be able to give her something so she could relax and be pampered cause she is the most amaZing mother ever and does everything in her power to make me and my sister happy. Please ellen can you help me make my mothers life easier for her, for just one day? Ive been saving up all the money i can find to come see your show i hope i will be able!!! :) thank you for even taking the time to read this it means alot to me
  • Please help me get 1D tickets for a huge fan

    Hey Ellen I am a huge fan of your show but I am an even bigger fan of One Direction and I was watching your episode and I seen u were giving out 1D tickets and I wanted to know how if u could help I would be so greatful for that ;)
  • Sister needs help giving her sister a wedding!

    Hi Ellen, I love your show. I watch it everyday just so I can laugh for an hour. I wanted to write you and ask if you could help me. My sister was suppose to have on April 20th but had to push itback to June. I wasgoing to help her but my boyfriend and me are in a bind trying to save our house from getting taken by property taxes and we have to come up with the money before Jume. Right now we are tryong to find a job so we and our kids and animals arent on the street. My sister really needs the help and deserves to have the wedding she wants. My parents are going to have to declare bankruptcy and they are doing thier best to help. Please help me help my sister. I would get ony knees and beg until im out of breatge. This would help her have thr wedding she deserves and help who are struggling. Please Ellen. It brings me to tears knowing that I cant .help my little sister. I would love yo meet you just to have a smile on my face through this stressful time. I want my grandfather to be at her wedding before he passes away. Thank you, jessica murphy Orestes, Indiana
  • Can you please give my company - "A Shamless Plug" on your TV Program?"

    Dear "Ellen Degeneres" I watch your show as regularly as I can in the Afternoons and would like you to consider giving "Square Four Corporation" a "Shameless Plug" to help advertise us.

    Please review who we are and then if you think we are on to something big here, consider mentioning us or asking us to appear on your show in the future. Thank you: here is our website address: Note we are a "AAA+ Rated Business. Feel free to contact us at: . Thank you in all respects - Steven Dobrovolskis owner of Square Four Corporation in Ruidoso, New Mexico.
  • Inspiring16 year old Leukemia Fighter


    I am writing this with regards to my cousin Jorie Elliott.

    Jorie was diagnosed with Acute Pro-myilotic Leukemia which is a type of Acute Non-lymphocytic Leukemia she was 15 years old when she was diagnosed with this on January 9th 2013. Jorie turned 16 years old which she had to spend in the hospital alone in London Ontario.

    She is a straight "A" student and a very athletic person playing 7 different sports on 10 different teams, due to cancer Jorie had to give up her love for her sports and her school. But this hasn't stopped her she has already convinced her mom to let her play hockey every now and then.

    Jorie loves turtles in the summer of 2008 when Jorie was 10 she wrote her first letter to the Municipality of Kincardine about her concerns that turtles would get killed trying to cross the street. After not hearing any news about this issue Jorie decided to send in another letter this time including an essay about Ontario's turtle populaton and how 6 of Ontario's 8 species of turtle are at-risk. Jorie's 2 year wait paid off as the Municipality began to search for a turtle crossing sign. Jorie set out to raise money to pay for the signs herself.

    When Jorie was 11 she planned on taking school supplies and clothes over to Cuba were she goes on winter vacation. Jorie states that she wants to make them feel like the luckiest kids in the world. Thanks to Jorie 31 packages were sent with her to Cuba and handed out to the children in Varadero.

    Jorie's wish is to meet Justin Bieber so I am asking you to help her out, she puts everyone before herself and always stands up for what she believes in, and now it's our turn to give back to her.

    We have also started a #turtlesforjorie campaign and are trying to get it to "trend" on twitter. So every time you see a turtle think of a girl who is battling something no child/teenager/person should have to.
  • Shes my . Dad!

    I will always look up to Ellen & i dont know why shes such a role model to me, i choose who to like & shes the one!
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